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BA History (Warwick), PhD (Glamorgan)


Main Teaching Areas:

Public Sector Management, Local Government, Performance Measurement and Evaluation, Organisational Improvement


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In June 2009, Dr Jennifer Law appeared before the Treasury Select Committee as an expert witness. She was invited to give evidence on the progress of the efficiency review in the Chancellor’s Department (this includes HM Revenues and Customs, the Office of National Statistics, the Debt Management Office and the Office of Government Commerce).

MPs on the committee wanted impartial advice about whether the efficiency gains that the Treasury claimed to have made, had actually happened, especially in light of recent budget announcements of future efficiency savings in public services. They also examined evidence about the impact of the efficiency drive on aspects of performance such as customer service. Jennifer has undertaken a number of research projects on performance measurement and strategy in the public sector which informed the evidence that she gave.


Research Interests:

Accountability of Public Services, Implementation and the Management of Change, Strategic Management in Public Services, Outcome Measurement and Results Based Accountability

Current Research Activity:

Strategy and Performance in Local Government: Does Best Value Deliver? Funded by the ESRC (£159,846). This project examines the impact of strategic management processes associated with best value on local authority performance. It explores variations in performance and strategy over time and between local authorities in Wales. (with G. Boyne and R. Walker, Cardiff University).

Designing Performance Measures for Local Public Service Agreements. Funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (£39,689). Defining outcomes and developing robust performance indicators to measure them are crucial elements of the Local Public Service Agreements that exist between central and local government. This project assists in the development of outcome indicators for some of the ‘hard to measure’ policy areas. (with G. Boyne, Cardiff University)

Jennifer has recently completed a project (with Arad Consulting) for the National Assembly for Wales which involved providing advice on the development of outcome focused performance indicators to measure the success of their 14-19 Learning Pathways and Extending Entitlement policies.

She has recently given evidence to the Treasury Select committee investigating progress made on the Efficiency program in the Chancellor’s departments.

Jennifer is currently working on a project to evaluate the impact of Outcome Agreements in Wales. This is funded through the Welsh Government’s New Ideas Fund.

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