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Catherine is interested in public boards and their governance. Her current research is focused on governance in a range of services including education and the fire and rescue. She has published widely on devolution and its impact on education and on public services more generally.

Catherine chaired the Welsh Government’s Task and Finish Expert School Governance group which reviewed models of governance in education. Ensuring effective governance is clearly part of the improvement journey in education.

Catherine is an experienced teacher within the public management field at undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate levels. She delivers within the University and outside and is happy to deliver both University accredited and also training courses.

She is part of the core team which has developed the Post Graduate Certificate in Governance.


Catherine is an experienced academic who is actively involved in teaching and research within the public management field. She delivers both short courses and University accredited modules and awards.

She co-directs the University’s new Centre for Public Services –
which liaises research and consultancy and also short courses including Political Awareness and Governance and Scrutiny.


Award Leader of the new All Wales Public Service Graduate programme, supported by Academi Wales.


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Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


External talk – The Public Policy Exchange – ’Evaluating Alternative Approaches to Fire and Rescue Service Governance, January 2018 (with Professor Rachel Ashworth, Cardiff Business School)

External talk – Inside Government – ‘The Integration of Blue Light Governance: Future Prospects and Challenges’ as part of the Improving Blue Light Services Through Integration and Collaboration, February 2018 (with Professor Rachel Ashworth, Cardiff Business School)

Wales Audit Office, invited panel member, ‘How you manage risks around organisation change, service transformation and innovation’, May 2017 and April 2018

Expert Seminar – ’Governance in Public Services – Doing it Right, Doing it Better, Academi Wales and the Welsh NHS Confederation, March 2017

Workshop, ‘Effective Governance’, Community Housing Cymru, February 2016

Workshop ‘Building Success – The Role of Governance’, Academi Wales Summer School June 2014

Workshop on Public Boards and Governance, Welsh Government May 2014

Masterclass, Improving Governance, Academi Wales, February 2014

Springboard Contributor, Academi Wales 2013-to date

Workshop Facilitator, Academi Wales Summer School, Service Improvement – Governance Matters, June 2013

Guest Speaker, Taff Housing Association Annual Conference, April 2012, and NSA Annual Conference, September 2012

Citizen Engagement in Public Services, Talk delivered at the Welsh Assembly Government’s Local Service Board Regional Workshop, March 2010

Specialist Adviser for the Welsh Affairs Committee of the House of Commons on the Legislative Competence (Education) Order 2010 relating to School Governance.

Guest Editor – Public Money and Management, Vol.30, No.2, March 2010, Devolution and Public Services

Organised the 40th UK Public Administration Committee Conference held at the University of Glamorgan. The conference attracted over 120 delegates. A key part of the conference was the ‘Skills for Government’ Forum which involved both practitioner and professional inputs into the conference. This was the first time that the conference was held in Wales and a significant theme of the conference was the 10th anniversary of UK devolution. September 2009

Book reviews for Public Administration. Journal referee for Public Administration, International Journal of Public Sector Management, Public Policy and Administration.

External Examiner, MSc Public Management, University of Plymouth, 2009-2013, Masters of Public Administration, University of Ulster, 2012-2016.

Short course delivery – Improving Public Services, Delivering Quality Services, Political Awareness, Scrutiny and Public Services and Involving Citizens


Current Research Activity:

Governance in education and in the fire and rescue service, leadership and management of Schools, public boards and citizen involvement.



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