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Seventeen years teaching in HE, scheme leadership, administration, research and consultancy. Member of the Quality Assurance Committee, past Faculty Quality Assurance Chair and Board Member. Currently QAC Senior Auditor for external faculty. Wide experience of critical review and revlidation procedures (internal and external) including Chairing over twenty revalidation events within the Univeristy and its franchise partners.


  • Award Leader for Event Management programme
    Faculty Quality Assurance Senior Auditor
  • Member of the Admissions Forum


O’Sullivan, D., (2013) Valuing Public Sector Planned Events: A Qualitative Study of Praxis A submission in partial fulfilment for the degree of Doctor of Business Administration, University of South Wales (unpublished)

Clifton, N., OSullivan, D., and Pickernell, D., (2012) ‘Capacity-building, culture, and the contribution of public festivals: evaluating ’Cardiff 2005’’, Event Management: an international journal, Vol.16

O’Sullivan, D., (2011) Chapter Public Events, Personal Leisure in The Routledge Handbook of Events Edited by Prof Stephen Page, Routledge

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Vol 4 No 2

Hill, S., and OSullivan, D., (2007) The Historic Environment as a Contributor to Regional Competitiveness: Evidence from Wales. Australasian Journal of Regional Sciences Vol 13 No 1 April

Hill, S., and OSullivan, D., (2006) Valuing the Marine and Coast Environment: Lessons from Wales, Sustaining Regions, Vol 5 No3 Spring 2006 pp 26-39

OSullivan, D., Stewart, E., Thomas, B, Sparkes, A., and Young, J., (2003) Evaluating EU Structural Funding Programmes for Tourism SMEs: A Case from Industrial South Wales, International Journal of Tourism Research Res 5 393-402

OSullivan, D., and Jackson, M., (2002) ‘Festival Tourism: a contributor to sustainable local economic development?’ Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol. 10 No 4

Hill, S., and OSullivan, D., (2002) Appreciating Assets: Estimating the Economic Value of the Historic Environment in Wales, Welsh Economic Review 14.2 Autumn

Stewart, E., Glen, M., Daly, K., and OSullivan, D., (2001) ‘To Centralise or Disperse – A Question for Interpretation’, Journal of Sustainable Tourism V9 No 4


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Selected presentations at conference:

Australia and New Zealand Leisure Studies Association ANZALS December 2011 Paper presented: Fantasy Events? Understanding Planned Events in the Postmodern City.

Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association Inc ANZRASI Paper presented: Valuing the Built Heritage of Wales: Just Another Fools Errand?


OSullivan, D., Pickernell, D., Senyard, J., Keast, R., and Hill, S., (2007) Welsh Assembly Government Economic Research Grant: New insights into the contribution of entrepreneurship around festivals and special events to the economy of Wales

Clifton, N., Pickernell, D., and OSullivan, D (2007) Cardiff 2005 Festival Evaluation Project, Cardiff City Council

Hill, S., and OSullivan, D., (2006) Countryside Council for Wales, Valuing our Environment – Marine and Coast, July 2006

Gracia, L., Hill, S., Jarvis, M., and OSullivan, D., (2005) Determinants of Participation in Physical Activity and its Effects on the Wider Economy of Wales: A Pilot Study, Welsh Assembly Government

Gracia, L., Hill, S., Jarvis, M., and O’Sullivan, D., (2005) Participation and Incident Rates in Outdoor Activity in Wales: An Analysis, Wales Outdoor Activity Awareness Forum/Welsh Assembly Government.

OSullivan, D., and Brooksbank, D., (2004) Queen’s Awards Golden Jubilee Research Fellowship; Greenbanks Country Hotel and Restaurant, IBSN 1-84054-121-0


Festivals and special events and tourism – evaluation, enterprise, social capital, networks

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