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BA. (Hons.) (Coventry); MSc. (Wales); PhD. (Wales)


Main Teaching Areas:

Cognitive Psychology



  • Pitman, J.A. 2007. Paranormal beliefs and critical thinking skills in psychology students. Paper presented to the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Psychical Research, Cardiff University 31st August – 2nd September 2007.
  • “Psychological Factors in the transition to University in a UK context” Jane Prince and Janet Pitman, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK. The 2nd European First Year Experience Conference, 9-11th May 2007 Göthenberg University, Sweden
  • Pitman, J.A., and Payne, S.J. 2006. Creating names for retrieval by self and others. Behaviour and Information Technology. Vol 25, No. 6, November-December 2006, 489-496.
  • Pitman, J.A., and Owens, N.E. 2004. The effect of manipulating expectations both before and during a test of ESP. Journal of Parapsychology, Spr 2004; 68(1); p. 45-63
  • Pitman, J.A. 2003: Planning during a naturalistic prospective memory task: A pilot study. BPS Cognitive Psychology Conference September 2003.
  • Pitman, J.A. and Graff, M. 2003. Using Blackboard to foster classroom community. Occasional paper, University of Glamorgan.
  • Pitman, J.A. and Payne, S.J. 1998. Choosing and using names for information retrieval. In J. May, J. Siddiqi, and J. Wilkinson (Eds.). HCI’98 Conference companion, September 1998.


Graduate Member of British Psychological Society
Glamorgan representative of the Welsh Branch of the British Psychological Society


Development of prospective memory and time based prospective memory in adults

Paranormal beliefs; implicit processing and paranormal experiences

Children’s analogical reasoning

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