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BSc (Eng), MSc, DSc HonDLitt
Retired Chartered Civil Engineer (FICE). Retired Chartered Builder (FCIOB).


After graduating in Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham, I worked for seven years with consulting civil engineers and construction contractors, followed by an MSc in Construction Management from Loughborough University. After a year as a lecturer at the Cement and Concrete Association Training Centre, I was appointed to a lectureship at Loughborough University in 1974, where I led the introduction of the subject of Building, developing the BSc in Construction Engineering Management (a degree sponsored by 12 major construction companies) and the MEng in Civil and Building Engineering. I made a significant contribution to Loughborough’s Built Environment submission for the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), which was awarded a grade 5.

I was appointed Head of the School of the Built Environment at the University of Glamorgan in 1996, which, with 1500+ students, was then the largest provider of built environment higher education in Wales. In 1997 I was appointed to the additional role of Dean of Research and Consultancy, to co-ordinate research, scholarly activity and consultancy throughout the university. During the period 1997-2001 research students increased in number from 70 to more than 400, and the proportion of staff submitted to the RAE2001 increased from 17% in 1996 to 32%. From 2001 until 2007 I was Head of the new School of Technology, a broadly-based School embracing built environment, design, engineering, human geography and mathematics.

In 2007 I became the University’s Director of Research with a broad remit to enhance the quality of research and to increase the proportion of research-active staff. The submission to RAE2008 was the largest and best to date, including 36% of academic staff in 17 Units of Assessment, resulting in more than 70% of Glamorgan’s research activity being recognised internationally for its “originality, significance and rigour”, with around 10% of this recognised as world-leading. Individually, I led the Architecture and Built Environment submission, which was awarded the following research profile: 10% 4*; 40% 3*; 35% 2*; 10% 1*; 5% U.

In 2002 I was awarded the Higher Doctorate of DSc and in 2009 the University awarded me the Honorary Degree of DLitt. I ‘retired’ at the end of 2008 and was appointed Professor Emeritus. The University of Winchester appointed me Visiting Professor of International Development in 2012, with the remit to assist in increasing and enhancing the university’s international work and reputation.

My research interests include an involvement over thirty years in the practical application of construction management theory within three main themes: quantitative techniques; the construction process; and construction organisations, with an emphasis on human resources. I have held grants from CIRIA, DoE, CIOB, SERC, ESRC and EPSRC and a £100k project funded by Valley Lines (a railway company) to evaluate personal safety aspects of local railway stations. I worked with Professors Barbara Bagilhole (Professor of Equal Opportunities) and Andrew Dainty (Professor of Construction Sociology) of Loughborough University on research into human resources management; our performance on ESRC grants was rated ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’, and for an EPSRC grant ‘tending to outstanding’. In partnership with Dr Joanna Waters, we completed an EPSRC/SPARC project on the personal safety of older people in the design of urban regeneration schemes, rated by SPARC “an outstanding project”. Consultancy clients include major contractors, consulting engineers and a national supermarket company.

I have successfully supervised 14 PhDs. I have published eight books, one of which was a ‘best seller’ with a second edition in April 2016, and more than 100 book chapters and refereed papers, four of which have been awarded ‘best paper’ prizes. For many years, I have refereed grant applications for ESRC and EPSRC, papers for leading journals and books for academic publishers.

Internationally, I have undertaken a substantial number of consultancies for the International Labour Office (ILO) with involvement at senior level in a wide variety of human resource development projects to enhance local construction management capacity and construction organisations. These include assignments in Botswana, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Gaza, Iraq, India and Tanzania, and for UNRWA (the UN agency for Palestinian refugees) in Jordan and Syria. This work has been within general framework of institution building to facilitate endogenous development. The ILO has published six of my books.

I have held a British Council Higher Education link with an institution in India on the subject of women in the construction industry and I participated in the British Council Higher Education Link programme in China. When I was Head of the School of Technology at Glamorgan, I worked with the Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic), Professor Joy Carter, on a programme to ‘internationalise’ the university, which included establishing links with five universities in China. I was Consulting Professor at the South China University of Technology 2004-07.

Engagement with civil society in the UK included membership of the UNESCO Wales-Cymru National Committee 2004-2009; membership of the Steering Committeee for World Heritage status for the Ponycysyllte Viaduct; Chair of the Board of Management of a Housing Association in Cardiff and membership of the Board of Governors of a school in a socially challenging area of south Wales.

In 2018, at the age of 74, I finally retired from academic work.


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The following is a summary of publications since I formally ‘retired’ in 2008.


2016 Richard H Neale, David E Neale and Paul Stephenson. “Construction Planning”, Second Edition. ICE Publishing, London, UK.

2009 Ani Raiden, Andrew Dainty and Richard Neale. “Employee resourcing in the construction industry: strategic considerations and operational practice”. Taylor and Francis, Abingdon, UK.

Book chapter

2012 Richard Neale and Joanna Waters. “Safety and health in construction in developing countries: the humanitarian paradox”. In George Ofori (ed) “Contempory issues in construction in developing countries”, Spon Press, Oxon, UK for CIB (International Building Research Council).

Refereed journal papers

2018 Richard Hugh Neale, Alasdair Spark, Joy Carter. “Developing internationalisation strategies, University of Winchester, UK”, International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 32 Issue: 1, pp.171-184,

2010 Joanna Waters and Richard Neale. “Older people’s perceptions of personal safety in deprived communities: understanding the social causes of fear of crime”. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, Vol. 11, No 1.

2009 Andrew R J Dainty, Ani B Raiden and Richard H Neale. “Incorporating employee resourcing requirements into deployment decision making”. Project Management Journal, Vol 40, No 2, 7-18.

Professional paper

2013 Richard Neale. “Ten factors to improve occupational safety and health in construction projects”. African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety, Volume 23, No 3. (This is a joint journal of the World Health Organisation and the ILO).

Refereed conference papers

2015 Richard Neale and Fiona Murie. “Construction OSH: a free, comprehensive training package in occupational safety and health in the construction industry”. CIB (International Building Research Council) W099 Conference, Ulster University.

2015 Richard Neale and Evelin Toth. “Occupational safety and health in the construction industries of the New Member States of Europe and Turkey: A questionnaire survey of trades unions and discussion at a workshop”. CIB (International Building Research Council) W099 Conference, Ulster University.

2009 Richard Neale, Fiona Murie and Edmundo Werna. “Construction OS&H: A comprehensive training package by the International Labour Office”. CIB W099 Conference, Melbourne, Australia (


Summary of activities since I formally ‘retired’ in 2008


2014 ‘Expert’ contributor to a Workshop held in Budapest as part of a joint ILO/EC project on ‘Decent Work’ with the New Member States of the EU and Turkey.

2013 Presentation to the Spring Symposium of the Centre for Gender Studies, Winchester University, on the well-being of women in the international construction industry.

2013 Keynote on occupational safety and health in the construction industry to an international workshop at the University of Reading, sponsored by the British Council. Twenty-three nations were represented.

2013 Contribution to a seminar for a group of senior construction industry professionals from Sudan, sponsored by the British Council at the University of Reading.

2010 Principal author of “Construction OS&H”, a substantial, international, digital training package for occupational safety and health for the construction industry, made freely available in the public domain by the International Labour Office (ILO), who commissioned the package.

2009 Design, planning and leading a two-day ‘Expert Workshop’ in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in October 2009, to review “Construction OS&H”, commissioned and managed by the ILO.


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