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BSc. (Hons.) (Swansea); PhD. (Swansea); CPsychol, AFBPsS, HCPC Registered Psychologist reg number PYL20757 (opens new window).


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Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.
Health and Care Professions Council Registered Psychologist.


  • Invited observer – Cross Party Group on Gambling Harm (National Assembly for Wales) CPG Documents (opens new window).
  • Substance Misuse Treatment Framework for alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD) Project Board (Public Health Wales / Welsh Government)
  • Stage II Assessor, BPS qualification in Health Psychology
  • Psychologist Visitor with the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Non Executive Director of Pobl Group (2010-2017) (Care and Support board) Visit Pobl Group Website (opens new window).


Taylor R, Evans J, Stuart-Hamilton I, Pierpoint H & Roderique-Davies G. Youth Justice Board. Speech, Language and Communication Needs Research Project for Young People from Wales in the Youth Justice System; £22,000; July – October 2013.

Roderique-Davies G, Prince J, Austin J, McInnes K, Shewring L & Birdsey N. Welsh Government. Attitudes to parenting practices and child discipline; £22,000; April – September 2013. Report Here (opens new window)



Addiction; Long-term psychological consequences of drug use; Health Psychology.

Current Research Activity:


Current Addictions Research Group projects are loosely grouped within 3 main research programmes. These reflect the progression, development and potential impact for the medium/longer term.

Diagnosis and treatment

• Prevalence of and diagnosis of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage

• Factors Predicting Relapse and Drop out from substance-related care and support services

Models of harm reduction

• Developing a public health model for reducing current and future gambling-related harm

• The use of apps as an intervention for problematic drinking.

• Factors that predict consumers’ alcoholic drink choices

Extreme sports and behavioural addiction

• Understanding Craving from a behavioural addiction perspective

• Sport as a conduit for rehabilitation of substance misusers

Doctoral Students – Awarded

Dr Rob Heirene: Improving the Understanding of the Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Alcohol-Related Brain Damage: a Multi-Study Investigation. (DOS with Prof Bev John and Dr Ioannis Angelakis). Awarded 2019

Dr Stuart Jones: The Emotional Responses following Injury in Recreational Athletes: The Development of the Emotional Response to Rugby Union Injury Scale (DOS with Prof Bev John). Awarded 2014

Dr Sonja Garrett: Psychological resilience and its correlates in people with chronic pain living in the UK. (DPsych, City University). Awarded 2014

Dr Mirella Longo: Managing minor ailments: A Discrete Choice Experiment to investigate pharmacy users’ preferences (with Prof David Cohen). Awarded 2012

Doctoral Students – Current

David Tee: Client characteristics that influence business performance coaching efficacy: the development of a theoretical framework and predictive psychometric instrument (with Prof David Shearer).

Laura Drummond: Developing an App-based Self-help Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Consumption (DOS with Prof Bev John and Prof Neil Frude)

Marie O’Hanrahan: Factors predicting relapse and drop out from substance-related care and support services (DOS with Prof Bev John and Prof David Shearer)

Victoria Markham: Evaluating Barriers to Skill Acquisition for Children with Language Delays Receiving Behaviour Analytic Instruction: An Experimental Analysis (with Dr Richard May and Prof Jenn Austin)

Tom Young: Identifying the Behavioral and Psychophysiological Indicators of Mentally Tough Athletes (with Prof Richard Mullen and Prof David Shearer)

Nyle Davies: The social impact of gambling harm: screening and intervention (with Prof Bev John and Dr Tom May)

Jamie Torrance: Development of harm reduction interventions for bespoke risk environments in the changing landscape of gambling and gaming (with Prof Bev John and Dr Tom May)

TBC: Psychological interventions for physical recovery from acute exercise-induced fatigue (with Prof David Shearer and Dr Nicky Lewis)


Roderique-Davies, G., John, B. & May, R. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Screening and intervention for individuals with Alcohol-Related Brain Damage. £54,000 (April 2020)

May, R., Bowers, D. & Roderique-Davies, G. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Investigating the Efficacy of Interventions Targeting Functional Speech for Minimally Verbal Learners with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. £54,000 (April 2020)

John, B. & Roderique-Davies, G. Investigating the impact of embedded gambling promotions in football and rugby clubs on children in South Wales. Welsh Assembly Members Consortium. £5,000 (April 2019)

Shearer, D. & Roderique-Davies, G. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Psychological interventions for physical recovery from acute exercise-induced fatigue. £54,000 (January 2019)

Roderique-Davies, G. & John, B. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Factors predicting relapse and drop out from substance-related care and support services. £54,000 (April 2017)

John, B., Roderique-Davies, G. & Holloway K. An Investigation of the Social Impact of Problem Gambling in Wales. Welsh Assembly Members Consortium. £17,500 (March 2017)

John, B. & Roderique-Davies, G. Alcohol Concern. Investigating the potential health impact of changing alcohol beverage public health messages. £8,000. (January 2017)

Roderique-Davies, G & John, B. Welsh Government/European Social Fund KESS Maxi funding. Alcohol-related brain damage in Wales: An investigation of prevalence and the evaluation of a pilot supported housing project intervention. £54,000 (April 2016)

John, B & Roderique-Davies, G. USW Science & Health Research Institute funding. The development and evaluation of a screening tool for alcohol-related brain damage; £10,000 (March 2015).

Roderique-Davies, G., Taylor, R. & Mayer, P. National Science Academy award scheme: Thinking and Understanding: Scientific Reasoning in Everyday Life; £2830; January – March 2011

John, B, Roderique-Davies, G & Faulkner, S. Psychological factors influencing men’s diet, exercise and responses to health messages UoG Faculty QR Funding £15,000 (2011)

Thomson R, Davies G, Mayer P, Shearer D, Hall R & Hendry L. Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Changing boundaries and changing identities in rugby supporters; £47,443; November 2003 – October 2006.



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