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B.A.(Hons) American Studies
T.E.F.L. Dip.
M.A. Applied English Language Studies


Having lived and studied in many areas of the world I’m keen to share my experience of the practices and excitements of the wider musical world. I teach a number of courses in the Division of Media, Culture and Journalism centred around the study of Popular Music. I�m currently teaching courses at all levels such as Musical Cultures, Contemporary Musical Cultures and Music in the Digital Age. And fittingly, now that we have entered a new chapter in what recorded music is, I teach a course in the History of Popular Music and The Recording Industry. I also supervise dissertations in this area and in the general area of Media and Cultural Studies.


Award Leader for Media Culture & Journalism


Member of The International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM)


Research interests:

Music in everyday life. Music in the digital era. The impact of new technology on traditional notions of what music is. The free flow of digital music. digital music consumption

Current research activity:

Research into the effects of the digitalization of music and its distribution through high-speed networks and the effects this is having on the way we experience and use music

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