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Postgraduate Diploma of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
MSc. – London School of Economics and Political Science
MSc. (Distinction) – Glasgow Caledonian University
PhD – University of South Wales


Dr. Touray has extensive professional and academic background in both development work and the health sectors. In 1992 he joined Action Aid (The Gambia) a UK charity operating in many developing countries working with the poor and the needy to help them fight hunger and poverty. He worked for the organisation in various capacities and at grassroots levels. With the United Nations Development Programme Dr. Touray served as National Expert/Project Coordinator to set-up the National Planning Commission for the Government of the Gambia. During this period he designed and coordinated a number of research activities including the Poverty and Social Impact Analysis study the objective of which was to evaluate access to basic education and healthcare and its impact on household income poverty in The Gambia.

In the areas of health he was a member of the randomised double blind placebo-controlled Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine Trial (PVT) team with the Medical Research Council (UK) Laboratories where in addition to his clinical trial coordination functions he designed and implemented the economic evaluation component of the study. Dr. Touray served in many committees including the Ministry of Health-MRC/PVT Working Group Committee, the PVT’s Local and International Steering Committees and the special committee set up to design the Pneumococcal Surveillance programme in The Gambia which is currently ongoing.

Dr. Touray was a full time member of staff of the University of South Wales in the Health Economics and Policy Research Unit (HEPRU) serving as Research Fellow (Health Economics) before joining Swansea Centre for Health Economics (SCHE), Swansea University as Research Fellow following the transfer of HEPRU to SCHE. He is now serving as a Research Fellow for Surrey Health Economics Centre, University of Surrey.

Dr. Touray has many professional and academic qualifications including an MSc in Development Management (with distinction) from Glasgow Caledonian University and an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Finance specialising in Economics of Health and Healthcare, and Health Systems and Policies from London School of Economics and Political Science. His PhD from University of South Wales looked into the understanding of behaviours and its influence on demand for overweight/obesity preventive goods by the UK’s adult population, and how such behaviours can be manipulated to increase demand for the preventive goods.

His specific interest is in obesity and related researches. He also has interest in economic evaluations along clinical trials; health policy, planning and financing; the understanding of behavioural elements on healthcare decisions and its economic impact.


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The Association for the Study of Obesity – UK (ASO)
The International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO)
Welsh Health Economist Study Group (WHEG)
The Health Economics Study Group (HESG)



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