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Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
PhD “Acting Out: The Pleasures of Performance Horror” – University of South Wales, 2014

2016-present: Member of editorial board, Journal of Performance Magic
2015-present: Member of editorial board, [sic] – A Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation



Lecturer responsible for curriculum development, teaching, and assessment for BA Computer Game Design, BA Theatre and Drama, and BA Performance and Media.



- 2016. “Staging Hell: Performance and the Horror Genre.” Interdisciplinary Humanities. Forthcoming.
- 2016. “There is a curse…”: Performance, Adaptation and Fidelity in Christopher Green and Sarah Waters’ The Frozen Scream.” Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance, vol. 9, issue 3; pp. 223-238
- 2015. “Undeath in Paradise: The Humanity of the Zombie in (Religious) Utopias.” [sic] – A Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation. No. 2, Year 5
- 2012. “Hell to Pay: Christian Haunted Houses and Audience Reception.” Journal for Religion and Popular Culture, vol. 24, no. 2; pp. 247-259
- 2009. “Keeping a Distance: The Joy of Haunted Attractions.” Irish Journal for Gothic and Horror Studies, issue


- 2016. “The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?”: The unreality of time and space in Del Toro and Kojima’s P.T.” In: Marsh, Rachel et al. (eds.). Temporal Discombobulations. e-Book
- 2016. “Stephen Mallatratt (1947-2004).” In: McCarthy, Elizabeth and Murphy, Bernice (eds.). Lost Souls of Horror and the Gothic: Essays on Fifty-Four Neglected Authors, Actors, Artists and Others. Jefferson: McFarland
- 2012. “Magic and the M-Word.” In: Psycrets (British Society of Mystery Entertainers). Liber Mysterium. With Nik Taylor
- 2011. “Ghosts of the Present: Miike Takashi and the Vengeful Spirit Motif.” Paracinema, issue 11
- 2011. “Wizard of Gore: Bizarre Magick and Audience Affect.” The Mystic Menagerie, issue 5.
- 2011. “Booga Booga! The Magician as Monster.” Online Visions, vol. 9, issue 5
- 2011. “Magic is Fantastic.” Online Visions, vol. 9, issue 6
- 2011 – 2013. “The Science of Scare.” Scareworld, issue 3 to 7. Column in five parts.
- 2010. “In Devastating Color: Horror and Magic in Herschell Gordon Lewis’s The Wizard of Gore.” Paracinema, issue 9
- 2010. “Rest in Peace: The cabarets illusionnistes of Paris.” The New Magic Lantern Journal, vol. 10, issue 6


- 2017. “Acting Out: The Terrors of Fantastika in Performance.” Performing Fantastika conference, Lancaster University
- 2017. “Werewolves in Wales: Creating Cardiff Haunted House.” Supernatural Cities II conference, Limerick School of Art and Design
- 2016. “The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?”: The unreality of time and space in P.T.” Temporal Discombobulations conference, University of Surrey
- 2014. “…where everything is false and fun”: The theatre as uncanny space”. Locating the Gothic conference, Limerick School of Art and Design
- 2013. “Zombies’R’Us: Monstrosity, politics and audience participation in Zombie Live Action Role-Playing (LARP)”. Zombies: Walking, Eating and Performance Symposium, University of Plymouth
- 2013. “Recorded sound!”: Technology, haunting and audible ghosts in Stephen Mallatratt’s The Woman in Black and Hugh Janes’ The Haunting”. Conference of the International Gothic Association, University of Surrey
- 2012. “Making Research Meaningful: Performance Magic and Academia”. Psycrets: Tabula Mentis XI, London
- 2010. “Hello Boils and Ghouls: Audiences and the Horror Genre”. Journeys Across Media conference, University of Reading
- 2009. “Keeping a Distance: The Joy of Haunted Attractions”. Conference of the International Gothic Association, Lancaster University


Research interests include:
- Popular performance and videogames, specifically in relation to horror and the Gothic;
- Issues of narrative in performance and videogames;
- Pervasive games and immersive play;
- Issues of embodied performance; the monstrous body in performance;
- The (body of) the audience in (immersive) performance.

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