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PhD, BA (Hons)


Main Teaching Areas:

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Europe, principally France and Spain; Israel and Palestine.


Outcast Europe: Refugees and Relief Workers in an Era of Total War, 1936-48 (co-authored with Fiona Reid, Laure Humbert and Louise Ingram)

French Muslims: New Voices in Contemporary France (UWP, 2010)_

Brittany 1750-1950: the Invisible Nation_ (UWP, 2007)

Galicia: A Concise History (UWP, 2006)

French Revolutions, 1815-1914: An Introduction (Edinburgh University Press, 1999)

Women and Schooling: Gender, Authority and Identity in the Female Schooling Sector, France, 1815-1914 (Keele University Press, 1995)

‘Chaos, Panic and the Historiography of the Exode (France, 1940)’, War and Society 26:2 (2007), pp. 73-98 [article co-authored with Fiona Reid]

‘The Ballard of Bourg-Madame: Memory, Exiles and the Spanish Republican Refugees of the “Retirada”’, International Review of Social History 51 (2006), pp. 1-40

‘Anti-Le Pen Protests: France, April-May 2002’, Journal of Contemporary European Studies 11:2 (2003), pp.231-52

‘Afghanistan, 2001-02: the Land on the Edge of the Future’ in Ronald Creagh and Sharif Gemie (eds), The Shadows under the Lamp: Essays on September 11 and Afghanistan (London: Freedom, 2003), pp.45-101.

‘The Seed Thrower’s Story’ [interview with Andrew Lincoln, ex-President of the ‘Diwan’ Breton-language school network], Planet: the Welsh Internationalist 161 (October 2003), pp.52-64

‘The Politics of Language: debates and identities in contemporary Brittany’, French Cultural Studies 13:2 (2002), pp.145-64

‘An Afghan Optimist’ interview of Ali Wardak, Planet: the Welsh Internationalist 151 (February 2002), pp.7-16

‘Jean B. Elstain: the unjust philosopher of the just war’, Anarchist Studies 10:2 (2002), pp.165-72


External Examiner for History, University of Lancaster, 2012 – date


Minorities in modern Europe.

Currently working on a book concerning the hippy trail in the 1960s and 1970s.

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