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BA 1st Class Hons. 3D Design (Ceramics) (Cardiff College of Art)
MA Fine Art Printmaking (Manchester Polytechnic)
MA Art History (Open University)
PGCE (dist.) (Cardiff)
Currently registered PhD. (Cardiff)


Main teaching areas: Art history and critical studies in relation to Visual Arts.

My interests lie in exploring the relationship between art practice, hermeneutics and art history in relation to pre-modern European paintings of still life and early modern English paintings of laid tables. I have an MA in Art History with the Open University completed in 2009 (following on from a BA 1st class hons. in Ceramics at UWIC, an MA in Fine Art Printmaking and a PGCE with distinction many years before. My Art History dissertation developed an interest in the ambiguous depictions of foreign objects in Hogarth’s Marriage A-la-Mode. Since starting the MPhil at UWIC I have furthered this interest to include ways in which contemporary art practice makes use of such depictions. As Gadamer writes in Truth and Method past art and contemporary understanding operate in a “fusion of horizons”. The creation of new art from old thus presents new positions from which to interpret and alternative approaches to interpretation itself.


I taught ceramics, mixed media and drawing for many years and now lead the teaching of art history and critical studies within the Division of Visual Arts. We learn about the objects and contexts of art history in relation to art of today and consider contemporary issues of history, narrative, ideology, visual culture, philosophy and much more in relation to past and current art. My experience of crossing from one field of the discipline to another has given me an invaluable insight into the relationship between theory and practice. Though students can find their early exposure to new art and artists daunting they soon develop an enthusiasm for the art works, working practices and writings of others and grow in confidence as they begin to understand how art, history and theory can inform one another in their studio practice.


Member of The Wales Institute for Research in Art & Design (WIRAD)


My PhD addresses the relationship between art practice, hermeneutics and art history in relation to pre-modern European painting, early modern English painting and contemporary art. I suggest that contemporary art has ways of deferring and referring to historical painting. By using processes of transposition, borrowing and stealing, contemporary art has transformed these sources into new forms of understanding. By the same token practicing from historical painting can also bring about unexpected insights into pas practices and understandings . The creation of new art from old and understanding old art from new positions thus presents new approaches to interpretation itself.

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