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  • PhD on Leadership Effectiveness and Organisational Stress (University of Reading)
  • C.Eng.(Hons) (University of Constantine)
  • Baccalaureate (Hons)



  • Research Methods and Philosophy
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation (SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS, NVivo)
  • Leadership


I have supervised more than twenty PhD students to completion and hundreds of Masters’ students. I currently supervise six doctoral students. I also act as PhD internal and external examiner and chair.
The following is a list of some PhD areas I supervised:

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Total Quality Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Adoption of Innovation
  • Exporting problems in developing countries
  • Construction Supply Chain
  • Housing problems in developing Countries
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Managing Equality and Diversity


  • More than 30 years experience in academia: Constantine University, University of Reading, Nottingham Trent University, University of Glamorgan.
  • Roles involved teaching, deputy director of CRBE, deputy director of WEI and DBA cohort leader, DBA programme co-leader (recruitment) and PhD programme leader.


• Organisational culture and TQM implementation: investigating the mediating influences of multidimensional employee readiness for change, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. (In Press) 2017. CABS: 2*. Click Here to read the abstract.

• Effect of different food recall strategies on consumers’ reaction to different recall norms. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2017. CABS: 2*. Click Here to read the abstract.

• The influence of individual readiness for change dimensions on quality management implementation, International Journal of Production Economics, 2016. CABS: 3*. 2016. Click Here to read the abstract.

• Dulliau Ymchwil ar gyfer Myfyrwyr Busnes, Rheolwyr ac Entrepreneuriaid, iBook (in Welsh), ISBN: 978-1-
909838-18-5, 2016. FREE ebook: Click Here to get it.

• Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs, iBook, ISBN: 978-1-909838-08-6, 2015. FREE ebook: Click Here to get it.

• Leading organisational change management in Nigerian oil organisations. Change Management, 14(2), 2015.

• Avoiding change failure: Managing for sustainable employee readiness for change. CMI, 2015.

• Mixed research methods: Former and new trends in women entrepreneurship research. The 14th European Conference on Research Methods for Business and Management Studies, University of Malta, 2015.

• A qualitative exploratory study of the mediating role of individual commitement to change, BAM, 2015.

• An investigation into open innovation in Wales. British Academy of Management Conference, Dublin, 2014.
• Knowledge intensive business services firms in a non-metropolitan area. The XXV ISPIM Conference, Dublin, 2014.
• Organizational Culture, IRfC and TQM Implementation: A Conceptual Framework and Propositions for Research. British Academy of Management Conference, Dublin, 2014.
• Leading organizational change management in Nigerian oil organizations: Exploring the Adoption of Leadership and Competing Values Framework Model. The 14th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations. London, 2014.
• Exploring the relationship of knowledge sharing and service innovation. British Academy of Management Conference, Liverpool, 2013.
• Business Successions of Family Businesses: Major Issues and Success Factors. ISBE Conference, Cardiff, 2013.
• Impacts of Internet Usage on Students’ Academic Performance. ECEL Conference, France, 2013.
• Entrepreneurial Motivations of Ethnic Minorities Women in Wales: A case Study. ISBE Conference, Cardiff, 2013.
• Export Barriers and the impact on Export Performance of SMEs in Wales. ISBE Conference, Cardiff, 2013.
• Unemployment in Nigeria and Human Capital Development. The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture And Change Management. 2012.
• Performance measurement in HE: what is to be learned from the private sector? Bibliometrie – Praxis und Forschung. 2012.
• Perceived Prejudice by International Students: Prevalence and Impact on Future Enrolment in the UK. The 12th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations, Chicago, USA. 2012.
• * Cross-Sector Partnerships: Vertical Versus Shared Leadership a Predictors of Performance. Best Paper Award – Public Management and Governance – British Academy of Management Conference, Cardiff, 2012.
• Determinants of job satisfaction in the UAE – Personnel Review, 40 (1), 2011.
• Equality and Diversity Management: An Investigation into the Business Case for Equality and Diversity Practise in SMEs – The International Journal of Diversity In Organisations, Communities And Nations, 10(5), 2011.
• Equality and diversity management in the workplace – The Diversity Conference, Queen’s University Belfast, UK, 2010.
• Application of system dynamic modelling to confidentiality in the health service – ICAI 09 Conference, University of BBA, Algeria, 2010.
• Exporting barriers and the internationalisation of manufacturing activities by SMEs in Jordan – ICSB 21, Korea, June 2009.
• Student satisfaction with the quality of services in the higher colleges of technology in the UAEICERI Conference, Spain, 2009.
• Exporting barriers of the manufacturing activities by SMEs in Jordan – ISBE Conference, UK, 2009.
• Turing Test for Organizational Intelligence – IB Scientific Magazine, April 2008.
• Service Quality and Satisfaction in Welsh SMEs – ICSB 50th World Conference, USA, 2005.
• Managerial Practices and Performance in Family Business in Greece – Edge Conference, Singapore, 2005.
• Satisfaction level with neighbourhood – Journal of property Management, 2003.
• Employers’ perceptions of age discrimination – Age, Work and Employment Conference, UK, June 2003.
• The relevance of traditional financial ratio analysis in assessing business performance – International Symposium on Construction Innovation, Cincinnati, USA, September 2002.
• Satisfaction level with neighbourhoods in low-income public housing – Property Management, 2000.
• Shortcomings in road accident data in developing countries – IATSS Journal, 2000.
• Housing Adequacy: An Investigation into Physical Quality – Journal of property management, Jan. 1998.
• Leadership Styles of Project Managers and Stress in Qatar – International Conference on Project Management, Singapore. 1998.
• Situational factors affecting contractors efforts to achieve clients’ needs – International Conference on Project Management. Singapore, 1998.
• The Impact of Strategic Alliances on Innovation. International Conference on Project Management. Singapore, 1998.
• Impact of site management on labour satisfactio. Managing Enterprises-Stake-holders and Achievement. 1997.
• Impact of Stress on Leadership Effectiveness – Journal of construction Management and economics. 1996.
• Achieving Quality and Productivity in The House Building Sector – Journal of Property management. Jan 1996.
• The Influence of Project Size on Leadership – CIB 65 Symposium, Glasgow, UK. 1996.
• Quality and Innovation in the Housing Sector – International IAHS congress, Turkey 1996.
• Impact of Site Managers Leadership on Project Effectiveness – International conference on project management, Singapore. 1995.
• Tension, Problems and Conflict Behaviour – CIB W-95 International symposium. Hong Kong. 1994.


  • External Examiner at Leeds University (Current).
  • External Examiner at Thames Valley University (2005-2010).
  • Guest Professor in Malaysia, France, Algeria, China and Germany.


Recent Projects

• Open Innovation Activity in Welsh Businesses, The Welsh Government.
• A Study on Relational Embeddedness, Knowledge Sharing on Service Innovation Performance. Grant no. NSFC 70872030. (International collaboration with China).
• A Study on Service Innovation and Service Design in Network Environment. Grant no. NSFC 71090403/71090400 – element 1. (International collaboration with China).


Research Interests

  • Leadership
  • Service Quality
  • Exporting barriers

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