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BA (Biological Sciences)
MSc (Nutritional Biochemistry)
PhD (Functional Foods and CHD Risk Factors)
Registered Nutritionist
Teaching Certificate
Chartered Biologist
Fellow of the Royal Society of Health
Numerous Food Technology/Science Qualifications


Dr Boobier is a highly experienced lecturer in both food science and nutrition, and has worked closely and extensively with the food industry in S Wales. He holds a 5th degree black belt in karate and regularly writes nutrition articles for both Kyokushinkai Karate and the National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools . He has presented on health promotion to A Level students throughout Wales, and often engages with local communities. He is the author of a book on children’s nutrition, and often reviews papers for the British Food Journal.


10 years as R & D Manager for a leading UK food manufacturer
Over 25 years teaching in HE


Award Leader: BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Food Science and Health.

Module Leader for the following
Nutrition 1
Nutrition 2
Nutrition 3 (Sports Nutrition)
Nutrition for Health and Performaqnce (MSc)
Nutritional and Health Implications of Processed Foods


Boobier, WJ, Baker, J.S., Graham, M. Hullin, D., and Davies, B. (2007). Functional Biscuits and Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors British Food Journal (in-the-press) 3.

Boobier, WJ, Baker, J.S. and Davies, B. (2006). Development of a healthy biscuit: an alternative approach to biscuit manufacture.
Nutrition Journal. 15: 7.

Graham, M.R., Grace, F.M., Boobier, W., Hullin, D., Kicman, A., Cowan, D., Davies, B. and Baker, J.S. (2006). Homocysteine induced cardiovascular events: a consequence of long term anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) abuse.
British Journal of Sports Medicine. 40: 644-648

Boobier, W.J., Baker, J.S., and Davies, B. (2005). Obesity and related medical conditions: a role for functional foods.
Journal of Public Health Nutrition: 8: 1328-1329.

Non-Eleri Thomas1, Stephen-Mark Cooper1, Mike Graham2, Wyndham Boobier2 Baker JS and Bruce Davies2 (2007) School lunch menus and the dietary habits of welsh 12-13 year olds. European Physical Education Review

Non-Eleri Thomas1, Stephen-Mark Cooper1, Mike Graham2, Wyndham Boobier2 Baker JS and Bruce Davies2 (2007) Dietary Habits of Welsh 12-13 Yr Olds. European Physical Education Review Vol 13 2 247-257


Member of the Nutrition Society
Fellow of the Royal Society of Health
Member of Campden and Chorleywood Research Association
Member of the Institute of Biology
Member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology


Kent University: Nutrition Advisor
Memory Lane: Reduced Fat/Sugar Muffins, aeration of
creams, and sensory evaluation
OPChoc Moisture transfer in wafers
Vickers Spooner Ingredient advice for food producer in Dubai
Interlink Foods(Poland) Reduction of fat and sugar in paste products
British Cycling Design of functional product
British Rowing Design of Functional Product
Kyokushinkai Karate Nutrition Advisor
NAKMAS Nutrition Advisor


Use of Soya Protein in Health and Performance
Development of Functional Foods

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