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Psychotherapist UKCP Reg. No. 940122

Clinical Psychologist HCPC Reg No. PYL28573

Accredited Consultant/Supervisor (Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice)

Hostile Environments Close Protection Officer (SIA Frontline Close Protection Operative Licence No. 0830019050642560)

MA Clinical Psychology (Pretoria)

BA Hons (Psychology)

BA (Psychology)


Jeff is a Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy at The Family Institute in the University of South Wales. His duties include specialist teaching in human systems and communication theory and in systemic psychotherapy. He was the Award leader for the MSc Systemic Psychotherapy from 1996 to 2007 is the current Award Leader for the Post-Graduate Diploma Systemic Practice in Psychotherapy. He is Chair of the Institute’s Ethics Committee.


Jeff is a Consultant Psychotherapist and has been in practice for over 30 years. He qualified in Clinical Psychology in 1983 and has been a UK Registered Psychotherapist since the inauguration of the UK Council for Psychotherapy register in 1993.

He has clinical experience in consultation to cases where there is multi- professional and multi-agency involvement.This includes an interest in communication within and between individuals, teams, organisations and multi-disciplinary professional networks.

Jeff is a member of the MSc in Disaster Healthcare teaching team on Simulation Exercises involving Personal Protection including basic survival skills, travel security, negotiating with armed groups, managing roadblock and checkpoints, kidnap and ransom contingencies and critical extreme threat to life.

He was the security consultant and close protection team leader for a BBC 1 Feature Documentary “David Beckham into the Unknown” in Brazil in March 2014.

Over the past eleven years Jeff has engaged intensively with practice and methodologies of training in close quarter combatives following many years of prior martial arts experience. He has worked alongside Police training programmes in Officer Safety and Spontaneous Edged Weapon Defence as well as working with an MoD unit over a four year period on hand to hand combatives training.

He has many years of academic interest in and clinical experience of patterns of violence in intimate and public contexts. He has a particular interest in researching educational methodologies in survival psychology in the context of hostile environments and humanitarian worker negotiation with armed groups.

In collaboration with colleagues in the Netherlands and Wales, hosting two international conferences focusing on violence in 1998, he presented his exploration of essentialist, Neurobiological Evolutionary versus Social Constructivist understandings of aggression and violence.

Jeff has worked with humanitarian aid groups operating in Greece and Calais providing security consultation and training.


Chair of the Institute’s Ethics Committee

Award Leader: Post-Graduate Diploma Systemic Practice in Psychotherapy

Module Manager on several University Programmes


Conference Papers and Workshop Presentations 2005 to 2018:

Extreme hostile environment survival and hand to hand combat: Instructional stand run over four days on Welsh Universities Officer Training Corps field exercise Sennybridge 2018.

Faris, A & Faris, J 2016, ‘Complexity and Humanitarian Crisis of Mass Migration in Greece: First-Hand Experience and Analysis in Lesvos and Piraeus’ Human Systems: The Journal of Therapy, Consultation and Training, vol 27, no. 3, pp. 187 – 199.

2016 May: Workshop on personal protection and security contingency planning for Help Refugees in association with L’Auberge des Migrants and Refugee Trauma Initiative. Calais, France

2016 March. Workshop on personal protection and security for NGO personnel in Idomeni Greece

2015 Threat and Risk Assessment and Security Operational Planning – Close Protection Officer Training Programme with Pro1 Security, Lithuania

2015 Travel Survival and Personal Protection one day workshop on Expedition Leader Course – GAP Force

2014 Travel Survival and Personal Protection one day workshop on Expedition Leader Course – GAP Force

2013 Travel Survival and Personal Protection workshop Wilderness Medicine Brecons Medical Student Conference

Nov 2012 Licking Honey from the Razor’s Edge: Relationships and Couples Therapy, Cardiff

May 2011 Military Education and Civilian Qualification Opportunities, Hereford

Jan 2011 Current Dilemmas and Future Development Opportunities in the Private Security Industry Symposium with SIA and Private Security Providers, University of Glamorgan Business School Conference Centre

January 2009 Motivational Interviewing and Brief Therapy Approaches to Health Behaviour Change, University of Glamorgan Workshop to Nurse Practitioners.

October 2008 Motivational Interviewing and Brief Therapy Approaches to Health Behaviour Change, Velindre Hospital Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust

March 2008 Guest Lecturer : Eco-psychology theory and practice Clinical Psychology Programme University of South Africa Psychology Department.

March 2008 Communities of Practice Gianfranco Cecchin Memorial Lecture, The Family Institute, University of Glamorgan

January 2008 When Clinical is Personal and Learning is Relational
Workshop: Practical Experience in Professional Education International Conference , Institute of Research in Social Services, Edinburgh

June 2007 Keynote opening plenary speech for Counselling Conference, School of Social Sciences, University of Wales, Newport.

November 2005 Opening Plenary Speaker and Chair of proceedings for UKCP and University of Glamorgan : Psychotherapy Festival Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

September 2005 Underhearing and Overstanding: The Art of Listening in Psychotherapy. Workshop at the Association for Family Therapy Annual General Conference, Bristol.


Faris J 2009 Action Research Based Review of Brecon Beacons Leadership Programme -South Wales Police Internal Consultation Document.

Salmon, G. and Faris, J. (2006) Multi-agency collaboration, multiple levels of meaning: Social Constructionism and the CMM model as tools to further our understanding. Journal of Family Therapy

Faris J Cox B & Hardy B (2005) Three Voices on a Theme: Impressions of Professor Gianfranco Cecchin at the Family Institute. Connessioni, Milan, Italy
Translated into Italian

Cox B, Faris J and Hardy B (2004) Arts and literature in a Personal Development Process and Systemic Psychotherapy Training. Context, October,75

Faris, J 2002 Some Reflections on Process, Relationship and Personal Development in Supervision. In: Campbell, D & Mason, and B (eds.) Perspectives on Supervision. London: Karnac

Faris, J 1997 A Systemic View of the Therapist Use of Self. Plenary paper published in Conference Proceedings: Development Through Diversity: Therapists’ use of Self, UK Council for Psychotherapy Professional Conference, Churchill College, Cambridge.

Cox, B; Draper, R; Faris, J; Jones S, & Wilson, J (1997) The seeds of devolution: the Milan Associates and The Family Institute; Human Systems.


UK Council for Psychotherapy

Associate Member of the Taos Institute

Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

The Family Institute

Pro1 Security Network of Instructors

SIA Licenced Close Protection Operative


Consultation to MoD Unit on Combatives Curriculum

Development of Travel Security and Hostile Environment Awareness Programmes.

Refugee Trauma Initiative


Security briefing and consultation for Help Refugees in association with L’Auberge des Migrants, Calais May 2016

Security briefing and consultation on security planning for Refugee Trauma Initiative in association with IsraAid.

Security consultation and training to network of humanitarian aid worker volunteer group Idomeni, Greece April 2016

Security provision to humanitarian aid workers and refugees on Piraeus Harbour Gate 2 March 2016.

Security consultation to BBC Documentary production team “David Beckham into the Unknown” Brazil 2014

From 2008 to 2010 Jeff collaborated with South Wales Police on the Brecons Leadership and team building exercises.

He has engaged with Public Order training exercises, Officer Safety Training,Spontanious Edged Weapon Defence and Police Support Unit training exercises looking into training methodologies to optimise psycho-physiological responses to threat and conflict.

Cardiff University Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology: Consultation and teaching on development of Systemic Practice on the Clinical Doctorate.


Current Research area is Security of Corporate and Humanitarian Relief Personnel working in Hostile Environments

The research focuses on Education Methodology analysis of what works best in training and education for hostile environment preparedness and survival

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