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BSc (Hons) Computer Science

PGCED University Of Glamorgan (SEDA Accredited)
PhD University of Glamorgan


Module Leader – Degree Scheme Level III, Distributed Computer Systems
Module Leader – Mobile Development
Final Year Degree Project Organiser
Level III Degree Tutor
Module Leader Post Grad Research Methods


Analyst/Programmer, L’Oreal
Systems Analyst, AB Electronics Ltd
Software Development Manager, Summit Technology (UK) Ltd
Senior Lecturer, University of Glamorgan


Main Teaching subjects and course leadership:

Degree Scheme in Computing Level 6 – Project Organiser
Degree Scheme in Computing Level 6 – Advanced Internet & Mobile Development(iPhone)
Degree Scheme in Computing Level 6 – E-Learning & Assessment
Degree Scheme in Computing Level 6 – Distributed Computer Systems
Degree Scheme in Computing Level 4 – Digital Storytelling

Award Leader in Computer Science

Departmental Representative on Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee

Member of Faculty Quality Assurance Committee


Selected Publications


A paper describing the use of the CAP system, ‘Computerized Peer-Assessment’, can been found in Innovations in Education and Training International Journal (IETI), 37,4, pp 346-355, Nov 2000
A paper published in the IETI journal, entitled ‘Using Student Reflective Self-Assessment for Awarding Degree Classifications’, 39,4, pp 307-319, Nov 2002.
A paper published in ALT-J journal entitled ‘Closing the Communications Loop on the Computerized Peer Assessment of Essays’, 11, 1, pp 41-54, 2003.
ALT-C 2003 Research stream paper, Peer-Assessment: No marks required, just feedback, Sheffield University, Sept 2003
ALT-J journal entitled ‘Don’t Write, Just Mark; The Validity of Assessing Student Ability via their Computerized Peer-Marking of an Essay rather than their Creation of an Essay’ ALT-J (CALT) Vol. 12 No. 3, pp 263-279.
IETI Feb 2006, Peer-Assessment: Judging the quality of student work by the comments not the marks? Innovations in Education and Teaching International (IETI), 43,1, pp 69-82, 2006.
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (2008) in print : Review and Reward in Computerized Peer-Assessment

Recent Conferences
Invited speaker at University of Glamorgan in the area of Computerized Detection of Plagiarism (April 2005)
Invited speaker at University of Glamorgan E-Learning Seminars, Importance of E-Assessment (April 2005)
 Two Papers at the International CAA Conference 2005: Weighting for computerized peer-assessment to be accepted?
The continual assessment of confidence or knowledge with hidden mcq?
Invited speaker at University of Bristol on Peer-Assessment 5th April, 2006
Invited Speaker at University of Glamorgan: Higher Education Academy – BMAF Seminar on Plagiarism & Academic Integrity November 2006
University of Glamorgan CELT seminar on blended assessment April 2007
Heriot Watt Keynote Speaker at Flexible Learning Conference 2007 Peer-Assessment and MCQ with Confidence
International CAA Conference 2007 – Paper Review in Computerized Peer-Assessment


Member of Editorial Board – Innovations in Education & Training International
External Examiner for Arab Open University in Computing


Sloane Organisation New Zealand 1987-1993
Gaming Machine Control Software Casino Games, London, 1992


Continuing research in eAssessment: including Self, Peer Review, MCQ and Classroom Interaction/Voting Systems

Research in the use of Digital Storytelling in HE

D.O.S for PhD Student

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