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1989 Diplom-Ingenieur Nachrichtentechnik (FH)
1992 PhD Electrical Engineering
2003 PGCED


Career Summary
1989-1992: Research Assistant, Dept. of Electronics & IT, University of Glamorgan
1993: Research Officer, Wound Healing Research Unit, University of Wales College of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Cardiff
1996-1998: Research Fellow, Department of Computer Studies, University of Glamorgan, then Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, School of Computing
Currently: Reader, Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Science

1993 Williamson Award for Imaging Science Technology awarded by the Royal Photographic Society
1996 Information Technology Medal awarded by the British Computer Society Awards Committee
2013 Saxby Award for Achievements in 3D Imaging awarded by the Royal Photographic Society
2014 ELTA Award for ‘Excellence in Teaching & Assessment’ by University of South Wales
2014 “Golden Start Award” by USW Students Union (‘best lecturer international’)


Main Teaching subjects
Software Design & Programming
Research Methods
Computer Graphics


Journal Publications
(A full list from 1992 onwards available on request)

UI Bawja, R Vardasca, R Ring, P Plassmann, Comparison of boundary detection techniques to improve image analysis in medical thermography, The Imaging Science Journal, 2010, vol.58, p.12-19

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H Skvara, P Burnett, J Jones, N Duschek, P Plassmann, JP Thirion, Quantification of skin lesions with a 3D stereovision camera system; Validation and clinical applications, Skin Research and Technology. April 2012, doi:10.1111/j.1600-0846.2012.00625.x

S Evans, P Plassmann, 3D Image Capture for the Analysis of Bite Mark Injuries, The Journal of Biocommunications, 2011, vol 37, no. 2&3, p.36-42

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C. Freeman, P. Plassmann, Using Technology to Facilitate First Year Student Engagement in their Academic Studies with the Aim to Improve Student Retention, Brookes eJournal of Learning & Teaching, vol 7, issue 1, July 2015 – available online:

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M Miknis, R Davies, P Plassmann, A Ware , Efficient Point Cloud Pre-processing using The Point Cloud Library”, International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP), Volume (10) : Issue (2) : 2016

Machin, G., Whittam, A., Ainarkar, S., Allen, J., Bevans, J., Edmonds, M., Kluwe, B., Macdonald, A., Petrova, N., Plassmann, P., Ring, F., Rogers, L., Simpson, R. , A medical thermal imaging device for the prevention of diabetic foot ulceration, Physiological Measurement, 2017Available online: Machin et al 2017 Physiol. Meas.

Macdonald, A., Petrova, N., Ainarkar, S., Allen J., Plassmann P., Whittam A., Bevans J., Ring, F., Kluwe B., Simpson R., Rogers L., Machin G., Edmonds M., Thermal symmetry of healthy feet: a precursor to a thermal study of diabetic feet prior to skin breakdown, Physiol. Meas. Volume: 38   Issue: 1   Pages: 33-44   Published: JAN 2017

Book Contributions
BF Jones, P Plassmann, Medical Imaging Case Study: The role of colour image processing in the metrics of wound healing, In: Colour Image Processing, Editors SJ Sangwine, REN Horne, 1997, p.364-384

P Plassmann, B Belem, Early detection of wound inflammation by colour analysis, In: Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging, Editors: G Schaefer, AE Hassanien, J Jiang, Taylor & Francis, 2009, p89-112, ISBN 978-1-4200-6059-1

P Plassmann, Monitoring chronic wounds and determining treatment, In: Advanced Wound Repair Therapies, Editor D Farrar, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., 2011, p130-150, ISBN 978-1-84569-700-6

Vardasca, R., Gabriel, J., Ring, E. F. J., Plassmann, P., & Jones, C. D. (2016). Assessing Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders with infrared images and mouse repetitive challenge. In: Occupational Safety and Hygiene IV, CRC Press, 479-483.

Macdonald A, Petrova N, Ainarkar S, Allen J, Plassmann P, Whittam A, Bevans J, Ring F, Kluwe B, Reproducibility of Thermal Images: Some Healthy Examples. In: Application of Infrared to Biomedical Sciences, Part of the series Series in BioEngineering pp 265-276, 26 March 2017, Springer


CEO Photometrix Imaging Ltd.


Past activities include projects with SWITCH Biotech AG, Munich (wound measurement), Rank Xerox, Micheldean (fast image processing), Anglo European Ltd., Tredegar (tablet packaging quality control), Tubex Ltd, Aberdare (web site audit) and Hi-Lex Cable Systems, Baglan/Port Talbot (real-time data logging system), Eli Lilly and Company (database for drug trial).


Main Research Subjects & Current Projects:
Development of optical instrumentation for non-contact 3D measurements. This work involves design and development of systems for the measurement of the physical dimensions, colour properties and infrared radiation of objects.

Completed Research Supervisions
Second supervisor of 3 PhD Students and 2 MPhil Student
First Supervisor of 6 PhD students

Current Research Supervisions
2 PhD students as 1st, 2 as 2nd supervisor

Research Examinations
Internal: 5 PhD students
External: 3 PhD students

Areas of Expertise

3D imaging
Infrared (thermal) imaging
Design of embedded mobile imaging devices

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