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2018 Fellow of Advance HE/Higher Education Academy

2017 PhD ‘Exploring Abjection in Twenty-first Century ‘Quality’ TV Horror and the Abject Spectrums of its Online Fan Audiences’, School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University.

2010 MA Cult Film and Television, School of Arts, Brunel University.

2008 BA with Hons Journalism, Film, and Media, School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University.


Dr. James Rendell is Lecturer in Creative Industries, joining the university in August 2019. Prior to this he taught at Winchester University, University of West England, and Cardiff University. His subject expertise lie in screen media production, transmedia and postcolonial studies, digital media, and participatory cultures.


James’ research specialisms include: transcultual audience meaning making of cult media, craft cultures, digital media and online image practices, intersectional identity and subjective reading positions, 21st century graphic horror TV, experiential cinema, and media immersion.

James is currently writing a sole-authored monograph on the rise of graphic horror television in the twenty-first century, examining the post-TV landscape and diverse transmedia practices.



Rendell. J. (Forthcoming). Transmedia Terrors in Post-TV Horror: Digital Distribution, Abject Spectrums and Participatory Culture. Amsterdam. Amsterdam University Press.

Journal Articles

Rendell. J. (forthcoming). Roars and Scores: Jurassic Park’s ‘Live in Concert’ Event and its Audiences’ Phenomenological Fragmentation Between Screen and Soundtrack. The Soundtrack.

Rendell. J. (forthcoming). ‘“I am (Not) Major”: Anti-fan memes of Paramount Picture’s Ghost in the Shell Marketing’ New Review of Film and Television Studies.

Rendell. J. (2019). ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Corpses: Audiences’ Affective Engagement With In the Flesh and The Walking Dead Through Online Image Practices’ Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies 16(2). pp:88-117

Rendell. J. (2019). ‘Black (anti)fandom’s intersectional politicization of The Walking Dead as a transmedia franchise’ Transformative Works and Cultures. 29

Rendell. J. (2018). ‘Bridge Builders, World Makers: Transcultural Studio Ghibli Fan Crafting.’ East Asian Journal of Popular Culture. 4(1), pp:93-110

Editorials & Short Works in Journals

Rendell. J. (2019). ‘The End of Japanese cinema: Industrial Genres, National Times, and Media Ecologies.’ Visual Studies. pp:1-2

Rendell. J. (2018). ‘Digital Fandom 2.0.: New Media Studies. Second Edition.’ Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies. 15(1). pp:453-455

Rendell. J. and Denison. R. (2018). ‘Introduction – Studio Ghibli: The History, Aesthetics and Cultural Impact of Japan’s Most Famous Animation Studio.’ East Asian Journal of Popular Culture. 4(1). pp:5-14

Rendell. J. (2016). ‘Extreme Asia: the Rise of Cult Cinema From the Far East’. New Review of Film and Television Studies. 14(2). pp:280-283.

Chapters in Edited Collections

Rendell. J. (forthcoming). ‘Tracing Terror-Bytes: Ring: Saishusho as Japanese TV Horror, Online Transcultural J-Horror Fan Object, and Digital Only-Click Television’ In Abbott. S. and Jowett. L. (Eds). Global TV Horror. Cardiff. University of Wales.


Rendell. J. (2019). ‘WesWorld and Beyond: Wes Anderson Fans’ Global Image Practices as Textural Mapping.’ Seventh Annual Fan Studies Network Conference, Portsmouth University (UK)

Rendell. J. (2019). ‘Man, Husband, Teacher, Criminal, Father-Figure, Hero, Victim: Representations of Black Masculinity in TellTale’s The Walking Dead and Players’ Intersectional Responses’ Beyond the Console: Gender and Narrative Games, South Bank University (UK)

Rendell. J. (2018). ‘Quotas of Colour: Black (Anti-)Fan’s Intersectional Politicisation of The Walking Dead Franchise’ Sixth Annual Fan Studies Network Conference, Cardiff University (UK)

Rendell. J. (2018). ‘They Do View in Herds: ‘Jurassic Park Live in Concert’ and its Experiential Audience’ 25 Years of Jurassic Park (1993): An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Palaeontological Imagination, Cardiff University (UK)

Rendell. J. (2017). ‘“I am Major” and We are Not Happy About it: The Communicative Qualities of Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell Film Trailers and Viral Marketing Campaign, and Anti-fans’ Pre-Textual Poaching.’ Second Interdisciplinary Film and Visual Culture Research Network Conference, Cardiff University (UK)

Rendell. J. (2016). ‘The Royal We: Ongoing Fan-Text Relationships With New (Para)textual Reincarnations of Battle Royale.’ Fourth Annual Fan Studies Network Conference, University of East Anglia (UK)

Rendell. J. (2015). ‘Bridge Builders, World Makers: Western Fan-Made Studio Ghibli Production.’ Spirited Discussions: Exploring 30 Years of Studio Ghibli, Cardiff University (UK)

Rendell. J. (2010). ‘White Trash; the other Other White Meat: Construction of the Cinematic White Trash Body.’ Cine-Excess IV, London (UK)


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