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BSc Chemistry with Biochemistry D2 1981 University of Salford

MSc Practitioner Research 1994 Manchester Metropolitan University

PGDip (Health Professional Education) 1998 University of Huddersfield

BSc(Hons) Child Health Nursing 1st 2001 RCN Institute (University of Manchester)

MSc Nurse Practitioner 2006 University of Glamorgan

PhD (The Development and Initial Validity / Reliability Testing of the Glamorgan Paediatric Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scale) 2012 University of Glamorgan

Registered General Nurse / Registered Sick Children’s Nurse
Combined Course (4 years) Completed 24.03.1986

ENB 136 Renal Nursing for Registered Nurses Completed 31.10.87

Supplementary prescribing 2007 University of Glamorgan

Independent prescribing 2008 University of Glamorgan


After graduating in Chemistry with Biochemistry, I trained as a nurse and embarked on a career in paediatric nursing, specialising in paediatric renal nursing. In the clinical environment I managed part of a European drug trail, and a European puberty hormone study.

After gaining a Master of Science Degree in Practitioner Research, I continued my career in higher education as a research associate, then a lecturer practitioner, and presently as a senior lecturer.
After attaining a Nurse practitioner MSc and independent prescribing qualification I had a clinical post for 4 years as a nurse practitioner in a children’s clinical investigations and medical day case unit. Then I moved to a post of children’s rheumatology nurse specialist.
I currently have a part-time clinical post in children’s rheumatology and a part-time academic post as a senior lecturer in children’s nursing.
My specialist academic area is paediatric pressure ulcer risk assessment (my PhD topic).

  • Child Health Nursing clinical skills and other child related subjects.
  • Research


Paediatric nephrology nursing
Paediatric nurse practitioner
Paediatric rheumatology nurse specialist
Clinical simulation
Class room teaching
Pre-registration and post-registration nurses
Under-graduate, MSc and PhD supervision


Teaching and supervising students in the academic environment


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Contribution to Wounds UK (2013) Best Practice Statement: Eliminating pressure Ulcers. Wounds UK.


International Society for Pediatric Wound Care


Paediatric rheumatology nurse specialist – caring for children in hospital and in the community.
Paediatric venepuncture course organiser and trainer


NICE Guideline Development Group for prevention and management of pressure ulcers


1989-1995 Co-operative Study Group on Pubertal Development in Chronic Renal Failure
European study co-ordinated by Professor Karl Sharer, Children’s’ Hospital, University of Heidelberg.
A longitudinal study of adolescents with renal failure, recording growth data and pubertal status every six months, and overnight growth and pubertal hormone assessments annually. The results indicated a significant difference between the patterns of secretion of growth and pubertal hormones in adolescents with renal failure and healthy adolescents.

1991-1994 Genotropin Drug Trial in Children with Short Stature in Renal Failure
European study by Kabi Pharmacia.
An assessment of the change in height velocity of children with renal failure receiving Genotropin therapy, using pre-trial data as a control. The children were screened throughout and after the trial for side effects. The results of the trial indicated that in our sample group height velocity was significantly improved by Genotropin therapy, but a few children had adverse reactions that could have been attributed to the drug.

1992-1994 Information for Parents of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome
MSc research project, Manchester Metropolitan University.
A preliminary questionnaire was circulated to paediatric nephrology staff at the Royal Manchester Children’s’ Hospital to find out what information they would give to parents of children with nephrotic syndrome. This information was used to devise a semi-structured questionnaire for these parents. An opportunist sample of ten parents were interviewed, the interviews were analysed using thematic analysis, and the results were used as a basis for an information booklet for parents of children with nephrotic syndrome

1995-1996 Community Nurse Prescribing Pilot Project
University of Liverpool, commissioned by the Department of Health.
A detailed study of the eight pilot sites involved in the Community Nurse Prescribing Project. My main role in the project was writing interview schedules, collecting and analysing data from G.P.s, pharmacists and pharmaceutical advisors. I also collected data from other staff and patients at two of the sites.

1996-1997 Preliminary study for development of a pressure sore risk assessment for children
Incidence and prevalence studies at the Royal Liverpool Children’s NHS Trust

1998-2001 Novatis NeoGB40 Pharmacokinetic study
Multicentre study financed by Novatis
Pharmacokinetics and safety of Neoral cyclosporin A in children with renal transplants
2001-2003 A Study to Identify Characteristics Associated with Pressure Injury in Children
Research grant from General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust
Multicentre survey with matched pairs

2002-2003 Improving the diagnosis of urinary tract infection in infants and toddlers in primary care
Funded by Clinical Excellence Support Unit
Evaluation of the education of primary care staff in recognising UTI’s in under two year olds – development of pathway, development of information resource.

Inter-rater reliability of the Glamorgan scale
Inter-rater reliability study at University Hospital of Wales

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