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Gareth trained as a nurse at Neath General Hospital, and after working in, Accident and Emergency and Trauma and Orthopaedics, worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pain Management from 1994-2000. During this time he established two acute pain services and developed nurse-led chronic pain clinics in acupuncture, TNS and relaxation therapy. Gareth obtained his Bachelor in Nursing from Swansea Institute of Higher Education in 1993. His Master of Science in Pain Management from University of Wales College of Medicine in 1999 and his PhD in 2014 at the University of South Wales.
From 2007-2010 Gareth was a doctoral scholar with the European Academy of Nursing Science.

Since 2000 he has been a senior lecturer at the University of Glamorgan, his areas of teaching include Pain, Behavioural Sciences, Surgical Nursing, E-learning, Adult Nursing, Interpersonal Skills, and Action Learning.

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Recent and Selected Publications
Podcast discussing my PhD (from 6 minutes in) Programme 55: More power to you Harnessing the Power of Social Interaction 22/04/2014, Airing Pain, Pain Concern

Podcast with Maria Parry and Owena Simpson Programme 48: Nursing beyond drugs released 19 Nov 2013 Airing Pain, Pain Concern
Recording of learning activity with students on how nurses can use relaxation therapy, massage, acupuncture and empathy to help people manage their pain.
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VPM auf Deutsch!” translating the VPM into German, with the Fakult�t f�r Gesundheit (Department fur Medizin) Private Universitat Witten/Herdecke, Germany


Working with Cwm Taf Health Board, Pain Management Services, on developing chronic pain services in the community


Has completed a PhD study using Participative Action Research entitled “Using a learning community to manage chronic pain” in 2014

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