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• M.Phil. exploring native English speakers’ knowledge about grammar , University of South Wales
• M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Cardiff University
• Cambridge / RSA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
• Post graduate Dip. and B.A. (Hons), Oxford Brookes University


Rhian’s work and research focus is influenced by twenty years of experience working in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (TESOL). Her career started overseas where she worked for four years in Thailand, Australia and Japan. It is in these countries where she gained valuable experience of working in private and public English schools, universities and colleges through teaching and managerial work. As a result of this, Rhian believes that nothing is more exciting, worthwhile or memorable than a career which is positively enhanced by travel. Rhian will always travel and shares stories about her adventures with you in lectures. In the UK, Rhian has gained a wide variety of experience working in different aspects of TESOL; as a general and academic English teacher, examiner, Director of studies for summer programmes around the UK, materials designer, course developer and manager.
Today, at the University of South Wales, Rhian acts on her belief that students need to graduate with ‘more than a degree’. USW TESOL provides a plethora of transferable skills; a developed awareness of language, confidence in public speaking, UK and overseas employment opportunities, a strong understanding of teaching methodologies, six hours of planning, delivering and reflecting on live teaching, teaching assistant work, the list continues… As a result of these, you can leave university very employable indeed. Rhian is delighted to have graduates working in sixteen countries around the world and a large bundle of graduates securing places on PGCE courses.


Rhian started work at the University of South Wales in 2004. She became the award leader for the International Foundation Programme and then Head of International English. In 2010 Rhian moved into the English department and co-designed an undergraduate minor degree in TESOL. Rhian continues to teach, and undertake research, with undergraduate students who take the TESOL as a part of their English or English and Creative Writing degree.


• • Member of IATEFL – International Association of Teachers of English as a Second Language
• Member of IATEFL Research Special Interest Group
• Member of IATEFL Teacher Education Special Interest Group
• Member of LEW – Learn English in Wales association of Welsh ELT Institutions
• Member of USW Faculty Quality Committee


• 2012 – 2016: External Examiner for TESOL, Manchester University
• 2013: External advisor for Peartree Language School, Cardiff
• 2007 – 2011: External Examiner for International English, South Bank University


Rhian Webb works closely with UK and International schools and companies to provide employment opportunities to all TESOL undergraduates. These include:
• Oxford International Education group, Greenwich, London
• The British Council, Teach English in Thailand programme, Thailand
• Mathus Language School, Surrathani, Thailand
• The Welsh Refugee Council, Cardiff

Rhian undertakes collaborative work with USW, International English. Work includes:
• Delivering lectures to visiting academics from China and Estonia
• Arranging for teaching assistant work to be undertaken by TESOL undergraduates
• Arranging for international students to work with TESOL undergraduates for projects


• 2011: IATEFL conference presentation, Pre-service TESOL teachers undertaking peer teaching, Brighton
• 2015: IATEFL conference presentation, A qualitative exploration of pre-service native English speaking teachers’ knowledge about grammar, Manchester
• 2015: IATEFL Research Special Interest Group conference presentation ,A quantitative exploration of pre-service native English speaking teachers’ knowledge about grammar, Izmir, Turkey
• 2016: IATEFL conference presentation, Knowledge about grammar its impact on development of pedagogical content knowledge in pre-service TESOL education, Birmingham
• 2016: IATEFL Special Interest Group conference presentation , The role of teachers’ knowledge about grammar in weak and strong communicative language TESOL teaching, Istanbul, Turkey

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