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Prof Stuart Cole known as Professor Stuart Cole

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BA (Hons) Economics, University of East Anglia 1968

MSc, Transport Investment Appraisal thesis, University of Salford, 1982

Personal Chair (Professor of Transport Economics and Policy) University of North London, 1993

Chair, Professor of Transport, University of Glamorgan 2001
Emeritus Professor, University of Glamorgan, 2010

FCILT Fellow, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, 1985

FICE Fellow, Institution of Civil Enginers, 2010

FSRA Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, 2010


Stuart is Emeritus Professor of Transport. Prior to that he was the first director of the Wales Transport Research Centre (2001) at the University of Glamorgan. Stuart was previously the first Director of Transport Research and Consultancy (TRaC) (1989 – 2001) at the University of North London (now London Metropolitan) which he joined in 1979.

Stuart is acknowledged by Parliament, the National Assembly and Government as one of Wales’ and UK’s leading experts in transport economics and policy.

Stuart has nearly 40 years of experience spanning local government, private sector and academic roles. He formerly worked for Cheshire County Council’s Transport Unit as Economic Advisor,

In his parliamentary work Stuart has regularly given oral evidence and produced reports for members. He has also given evidence to the House of Lords, House of Commons, the Richard Commission, Downing Street ‘Think-Tank’ etc on topics such as governance of transport in Wales and rail investment.

He also has a knowledge of transport planning in the EU member states through his transport work for the European Commission. He brings a working knowledge of both private and public sector transport operators / bodies in Wales, UK, Europe and North America. He therefore understands their sometimes differing credentials.

This practical approach reflects his use of a private sector, government and academic backgrounds (he has served in all three) to achieve relevant and practical solutions to transport and planning policy.


He has authored over 150 articles and conference papers on transport economics, policy, planning, governance and strategy. He was editor of the transport economist journal (1983 – 1991); has authored a widely recommended textbook Applied Transport Economics (3rd Edition); frequent broadcaster on the BBC and S4C and as a Western Mail Collumist. Stuart has jointly authored over 50 reports for governmental bodies and companies in Europe, the UK and Wales. He was a House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee adviser from 1984 to 2010 on 17 reprts and has given evidence to both the national Assembly and Huose of Commons inquiries.


House of Commons Select Committee on Welsh Affairs – Specialist Adviser (Transport); (1984 – 2010)

Chairman Wales Transport Strategy Group (1999 – Present).

Former Cadeirydd / Chairman, Institute of Logistics and Transport Cymru Wales (2003 – 2005).

National Committee Member, CILT Cymru Wales (2000 – Present)

Member of Ministers Wales Transport Advisory Group, 1997 – 2007.

Board Member National Eisteddfod of Wales (2006 – Present)

Board Member, University of Wales Press (2006 – 09)

Board Member, Capital Region Tourism (2007 – Present)

Advisory Board Member, First Great Western (2003 – Present)

President, Heart of Wales Line Travellers Association (2010 – Present)


Traws Cymru – Welsh Government (2010 – ongoing): Stuart is a specialist advisor on the creation of a new national coach network, and implementation (procurement, route development, branding). Working alongside officials in a parallel capacity.

Cross Boarder Transport – House of Commons (2009): Stuart was a specialist advisor to the Welsh Affairs Committee analysis of cross border transport services and links (road, rail), the issues involved in better integration and the provision of adequate capacity on both sides of the border.

Seven Bridge Tolls – House of Commons (2010): Stuart was a specialist advisor to the Welsh Affairs Committee analysis of the impact of tolls on the south Wales economy, impact on flows, level of tolls, and the demand elasticity and revenue generation.

Ports – House of Commons (2008): Stuart was a specialist advisor to the Welsh Affairs Committee analysis of port potential for cruise ships (and impact on the local economy) and freight movements. Use was made of WAG report by WTRC on Welsh ports economic potential.

Sustainable Travel City – Welsh Government (2011): SWOT analysis of options for the central area transport hub. The teams recommendations were eventually accepted by Cardiff CC. An ongoing watching brief remains on behalf of WG.

Wales Transport Strategy – Welsh Assembly Government: Stuart played a leading role in the development of the Strategy. His background knowledge of Wales transport system and of previous NAfW policy (including the Transport Framework for Wales, 2001, which he was one of the authors). He advised the work being carried out by the team in discussion with them and senior civil servants. He has experience in directing strategy and its implementation.

Wales Freight Strategy – Welsh Assembly Government: Stuart was involved in the intermodality aspects of the study, in particular sea ports to their hinterlands and the provision of infrastructure linking ports to sources and markets. He also provided substantial input into the ‘steps to delivery’ section. Stuart is one of the few academics involved in freight transport.

Other Selected Projects / Reports
• Intermodality in Freight Transports Ports and Maritime industry – Interreg
• Carmarthenshire Passenger Transport Review – Carmarthenshire County Council
• Transport In Wales (Specialist Advisor) – House of Commons
• Railway Services in Wales (Specialist Advisor) – House of Commons
• Special Adviser: “The Transport Bill and its impact on Wales” Report – House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee


Wales and the Atlantic Arc: Developing Ports in Wales – Welsh Assembly Government: Stuarts approach (with Sarah Kendall) was direct and original. The study included interviewing ports operators and suppliers, analysing existing research outputs and ports own publications. Through this they achieved definite indicators of port selection criteria for use by Welsh port operators. The importance of hinterland links was also identified.

BWCABUS – Welsh Assembly Government: This project initiated by Stuart, is a radical approach to rural public transport using modern communication and vehicle routing / scheduling techniques. Stuart leads the research team and was responsible for the initial concept design.

Information Needs of the Independent Traveller- Welsh Assembly Government: Survey and analysis of info needs of non regular travellers (e.g. tourists, business users). This was updated to brief PTUC (2011) investigation into information.

Othrer current areas of research include:
Bus regulation and the Transport Act 1985
Options for Rail Operation
Public transport integration
Cruise market and economic regeneration
Funding sorces for infrastructure

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