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BSocSc, MA, PhD


Rachel has worked in HESAS on a part-time basis since October 1999.

She previously worked in the Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care as a Senior Fellow. Rachel took a first degree in sociology and social policy at University College Dublin and completed her Master�s degree at St. Patrick�s College Maynooth, having spent time studying at the University of Bath and the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Her PhD focused on the social policy implications of the new genetics in Ireland. Rachel�s research interests in Wales are mainly qualitative and centre on improving public participation in health policy making and the future impact of genetics on health care.

Rachel also works part-time in Cardiff University as a Senior Research Fellow in the Cancer Genetics Service for Wales.


  • PhD supervisor
  • Member of the Faculty Ethics Committee
  • Board member of the European Institute for Women�s Health
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Consumer Studies
  • I am a regular reviewer of articles and have reviewed for a range of journals including the British Medical Journal, Journal of Nursing Ethics, New Genetics and Society, Family Practice, New Genetics and Society, Archives of Disease in Childhood, Patient Education and Counselling and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management.
  • Reviewer of research applications for the Wellcome Trust, the ESRC, CRUK and Breast Cancer Campaign
  • Academic Facilitator for the rcbcwales Community of Scholars
  • Member of the Management Board of the Beacon for Wales


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  • Board member of the European Institute for Women�s Health
  • Editorial Board of the International Journal of Consumer Studies
  • Member of the British Society for Human Genetics
  • Member of the Magistrates� Association


2006. The attitudes of women with early breast cancer to adjuvant endocrine therapy. (Novartis)
2007. Feasibility study for a science centre in East Cardiff (Techniquest)


  • Citizens� Jury on Designer Babies
  • European patient survey on adjuvant endocrine therapy in breast cancer
  • Discrimination against women and young girls in the health sector across the EU
  • Genetic Literacy and Family History: A study of young people in South Wales
  • The National DNA Database on Trial
  • The role of speech and language therapy in criminal justice

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