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BA (Hons), RGN, MSc, PGCEd, PhD


Prior to entering into her nursing career, Anne Marie undertook a degree in Sociology at the University of Central England. Her placement year spent with District Nurses and Health Visitors confirmed her vocation to obtain a nursing qualification which she successfully obtained in Cardiff in 1992.

After RGN qualification, she worked as a Staff Nurse in Day Surgery and studied for her MSc In Nursing on a part-time basis at the University of Wales, College of Medicine.

Her nursing experience is firmly grounded within the surgical speciality of day surgery which was the subject for both her MSc dissertation and her PhD thesis. For her MSc, her experience of working in the preoperative assessment unit prompted her to look more closely at the need for a counselling service.

Her PhD explored the field of day surgery further by examining the effect of day surgery on patients in three different geographical areas and was successfully completed in 2001.

Her doctoral work has taken her to national and international conferences. In 2000, Anne Marie was successful in obtaining a travelling fellowship from the pharmaceutical company Zeneca to investigate day surgery discharge policies in hospitals across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra as well as an invitation to present her findings at the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) congress in Edinburgh. She has also been invited as a guest speaker to several hospital trusts and at the Welsh Acute Pain Interest Group, June 2004.

Main Teaching Areas

  • Research Skills
  • IT
  • Practical Nursing Skills


Clinical experience in Day Surgery encompassed:
Ward experience;
Pre-operative assessment clinic;
Valuable experience was also obtained in carrying out keratometer & biometry measurements in assessing cataract patients.
Intra-venous access & venepuncture in-house certificates were also obtained.


Current postgraduate supervision duties:

Lydia Aziato(MPhil) Introduction and Validation of a Pain Assessment Tool for Postoperative Pain.

Successful completions as Director of Studies:

Elizabeth Edwards (PhD); Experiences of midwifery led care,2009;

Successful completions as Supervisor:

Kathryn Head (PhD); Validation of a Screening Tool for Dysphagia in CVA, 2010.

G Harinath (MPhil); Local Recurrence of Rectal Cancers: Role of Immunocytochemistry In The Evaluation of Circumferential Margins of Rectal Cancer,2006.

Nikolaus Efstathiou (PhD); Cancer care in Greece, 2004.

Melanie Peters (PhD); Telemedicine and nurse’s role in the care of leg ulcers, 2003.

Elizabeth Parry (PhD); Elements of Care for Families in Which a Child has Cancer, 2003.


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Poster presentations

1997 9th Annual National Scientific meeting of British Association of Day Surgery, on preliminary findings of Ph.D. research.

1999 Royal College of Nursing Annual Research Society meeting at the University of Keele, on progress of research (presented on my behalf by my supervisor Professor Laurie Moseley).

1999 3rd International Congress on Ambulatory Surgery, Venice, Italy. Accepted for presentation at a plenary session in the main congress hall.

1999 Royal College of Nursing, Day Surgery Forum, Rutherford Conference Centre, London, on findings from completed data collection.

2000 11th Annual National Scientific meeting of British Association of Day Surgery, Cardiff.

2001 12th Annual National Scientific meeting of British Association of Day Surgery, Edinburgh.

Zeneca Travelling Fellowship Award of £1500. Awarded to conduct research into discharge policies following day surgery in four day surgery units in Australia.

Invited guest speaker University of Salford, School of Health Sciences, April 23th 2002 ‘Pain Management in Day Surgery’.

Grants awarded

£25,000 – Ameen JRM (PI), Coll AM & Peters M – Nurse Led Patient Management Product for Pain and Wound Assessment, Welsh Development Agency (KEF Funding), 2005;

£11,650 – Ameen JRM (CPI), Mac Donald G (CPI), Coll AM. Evaluation of Smoking Cessation Services, Iechyd Morgannwg Health Authority, 2003;

£6900 – Ameen JRM (PI), Coll AM and Peters M (CPI). The development of a leg ulcer wound assessment tool, Smith & Nephew Foundation, 2002;

£44,000 – Northway R (PI), Ameen JRM, Coll AM & Jenkins RI. Advocacy in Residential homes for older people, Welsh Office for Research and Development, 2001.




Day Surgery, Postoperative Pain, Pain Assessment Tools, Cancer Care,Dental Health Service Provision, Tele-medicine & Leg Ulcers, Dysphagia in CVA.

Current Research Activity

In addition to her teaching commitments covering subject areas of research and nursing skills, Anne Marie is supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students from undergraduate to PhD level. She is author to a book on nurses’ assessment and management of pain after day surgery entitled “How Can I make it Better?”(2006). She has published, and continues to publish, in reputable journals.

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