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Doctor of Philosophy – Molecular Genetics; University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff

Master of Philosophy – Clinical Immunology; University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff

Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Biochemistry; University of Wales College of Swansea


Based at the Genomics Policy Unit (GPU) in the Faculty of Health, Sport and Science at the University of Glamorgan, Rhian has held the position of Telling Stories Understanding Real Life Genetics Project Officer since 2008, where she has responsibility for managing the project on a daily basis.

Telling Stories Understanding Real Life Genetics ( is an award-winning, genetics education resource which uses real stories from individuals and families with, or at risk of, a genetic condition or from those who care for them. It was developed to promote understanding of the impact genetics can have on everyday life and its relevance to healthcare practice.

Rhian’s role is varied and ranges from interviewing storytellers to collect their stories, to developing educational content to accompany the stories, monitoring website statistics, and promoting the resource through publications and at conferences, workshops, meetings and via social-media.

In June 2011, Rhian was seconded to the post of Wales Development Officer for Genetic Alliance UK – the national charity of patient organisations supporting all those affected by genetic disorders – and more recently has also undertaken a secondment to the Wales Gene Park as acting Public Engagement Officer, combining this role with her work on the Telling Stories project.


Rhian’s background is in scientific research and she has worked in academic, industrial and clinical research settings. She graduated from Swansea University in Biochemistry before moving to the Department of Medical Biochemistry, University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff where she completed her Master of Philosophy degree on the role of complement in male infertility.

In 2002 Rhian obtained her PhD from the University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff where she undertook research into the molecular genetics underlying Variegate Porphyria, an inherited disorder of haem biosynthesis. She then moved to an industrial setting, working as a research scientist, and later R & D manager, for GenProbe (formerly Molecular Light Technology Ltd) on nucleic acid-based molecular diagnostics. She has also undertaken research in NHS laboratories on Rett syndrome, muscular dystrophy and neurofibromatosis.

A member of the Genomics Policy Unit, she is interested in genetics education, policy work and public engagement and as a member of the Faculty Research Office, she also undertakes some teaching and research supervision activities.


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