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Masters in Nursing
Post Graduate Certificate in Education & Development,
Diploma in Nursing,
Registerted Sick Children’s Nurse,
Registered General Nurse


Main Teaching Areas

My main teaching areas revolve around care of the acutely ill child and child physiology


My background is acute paediatric nursing with a particular interest in the younger age groups. I have been a lecturer for 16 years.


Module Management Responsibilities

Care of the Acutely Ill Child
Clinical Governance (10 credit module at level 2 & 3 for the Armed Forces)
Bio-Psycho-Social in Child Health
Current Issues in the Healthcare Management (Distance Learning Package)
Research at Work/ Becoming Clinically Effective
Dynamic Module
Practice Based assignment ~ dissertation for BSc (Hons) Clinical Governance
The Maturing Child (online)
Neonatal Intensive Care
Neonatal Special and High Dependency Care

Award Responsibilities

MSc Child Health & Welfare (online) award


Lifelong Learning on the Information Highway (Book review) Educational Technology & Society 2(4) 1999 Pages 134 – 136 (co-author)

Preparation of Childrens Nurses in Wales (2000) Position Paper by the Royal College of Nurses (Wales) Working Group on Children�s Nursing. (co-author)

Broom,M (2002) Book Review of Ormond, (2000) Supporting students in open and distance learning.

Preece, W., Broom, M, and Woolley, N. (2002) A collaborative online learning environment for students undertaking research. Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Glamorgan. Occasional Papers Educational Development Series, Paper 27

Broom, M and Preece,W. Development of an e-dynamic module to integrate theory and professional practice. Occasional Paper Educational development Series, University of Glamorgan Broom,M (2003) Book review of Darder, A, Baltodano, M, and Torres,R.D Pedagogy Reader.

Broom (2004) Book review of Littlejohn,A (ed) (2003) Reusing online resources: A sustainable approach to e learning. Kogan Page. London

Contributed three sections in Glasper E.A.;McEwing G & Richardson J (2007) Oxford Handbook of Childrens & Young People Nursing Oxford University Press. Oxford.

Broom M (2007) Exploring the assessment process. Paediatric Nursing. 19(4). pp 22 to 25

Broom M (2007) Physiology of Fever. Paediatric Nursing. 19(6). pp 40 to 44

Broom M & Parsons G (2009) Chapter 29. Patient Controlled Analgesia. In Glasper E.A.;McEwing G & Richardson J (2009) Foundation Skills for Caring. Palgrave Macmillan. London.

Broom M, Lynch M & Preece W (2009) Integration of virtual Ward into the pre-registration curriculum Paediatric Nursing Vol 21 Number 8 pp. 32 – 37

Broom M & Sellman D (2010) Chapter 6 Evidence Based Practice. In Sellman D & Snelling P (2010) Becoming a Nurse: A textbook for professional practice. Pearson Education, Harlow

BAPM (Close to publication) Matching knowledge and skills for
Qualified In Speciality (QIS) Neonatal nurses

Broom M & Parry A (2012) Hypotension in the Neonate. Journal of Neonatal Nursing (awaiting publication)

Conferences Papers (National)

Development of a Paediatric Audit Tool., in Cardiff 1994 & Harriet Watts University, Edinburgh 1994,

The Death of a Child at a Critical Care Conference in Cardiff.

Paediatric H.I.V/A.I.D.S. at a paediatric conference in Cardiff, March 1995.

Debate on the Role of the Child Health Nurse at a paediatric conference in Cardiff, March 1996

Facilitator of a workshop at Seminar on the preparation of childrens nurses in Wales. RCN Welsh Board, Ty Maeth, Cardiff. 30th April 1999

Placing information on the intranet. Euronet Training Network. Trainers Workshop. Glamorgan Business Centre, University of Glamorgan. 5th November 1999

An investigation into the use of student portable computers by pre-registration nursing students Conference titled Technology Influencing Nursing Practice. Hensol Conference Centre. 22nd June 2000.

An investigation into the use of student portable computers by pre-registration nursing students Conference titled Technology Influencing Nursing Practice. Post Graduate Lecture Theatre, Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend. 23rd June 2000

Student experiences of implementing clinical governance Conference title: Making Clinical Governance Work for You Ty Maeth RCN, Cardiff, 26th September 2002

elearning & Healthcare Lunchtime seminar, University of Glamorgan December 14th 2005

Blended learning in Medical Education A lunchtime Seminar, University of Glamorgan, October 24th 2007

Developments in Nurse Education, A Paediatric Respiratory Nurse Conference held at the Miskin Manor 2nd July 2010

Identifying the Sick Child three workshops for Paramedics held at the Univerisity of Glamorgan 3rd April 2012

Posters (National)

Pain assessment: Student nurses experiences during their first year of pre registration programme in Wales. Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2003, Scotland (co-author)

Constructing Meaning: The use of discussion fora in the development of pain assessment constructs underpinning student nurses clinical practice. LTSN Festival of learning, Pontypridd 2004 (co-author)

Integration of virtual Ward into the pre-registration curriculum poster presentation at the Children and Young People in a Changing World Conference, 23 & 24 April 2009 Queens University, Belfast


Resource Based Learning and the Internet: A collaborative study. Towards new approaches in International Learning. Savonlinna, Finland. 31st � 2nd August 2000

Resource Based Learning and the Internet: A collaborative study. Sixth International Asynchronous Learning Networks Conference. University of Maryland University College, Maryland, United States of America. 3rd – 5th November 2000.

Integration of virtual Ward into the pre-registration curriculum. The 7th International Conference on Education & Informatics, Technologies and Applications. EISTA 2009. Orlando, Florida July 10 – 13 July 2009


I have organised three national paediatric conferences in 1995, 1996 & 1998 held at U.W.C.M in Cardiff with over 150 delegates attending each conference.


QAC member on a number of elearning validations throughout the University

External FQAC member of HaSS 2006 to 2010

Chair of HaSS FQAC 2010 – 2012

Conference paper reviewer for The 9th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2011 Orlando Florida

Reviewed three publications to date for Sage Publications


A member of the review panel for Conference on Education, Training and Informatics (ICETI 2010) held in Florida

A member of the review panel for International Conference on Society and Information Technologies (ICSIT 2010) held in Florida

External Examiner for Post registration modules University of Wales, Swansea 2002 – 2006

Currently Chief External Examiner for University of Swansea School of Health Sciences and member of the Special Circumstances Board – 2006 – 2010

External Examiner for Napier University, Edinburgh 2010 – date


Research Interests

My current research project is looking into the development of clinical reasoning in child health nursing students. This is part of a PhD award

Bids and Innovations

750 by the Welsh Office to develop the Paediatric Audit Tool. 1993

5500 awarded by the Welsh National Board for the development of a Internet Teaching package in collaboration with lecturers in Kuopio Finland. 1999

8900 awarded by the Centre for Life long learning for the development of streaming technologies (Co-author) 2000

February 2003 Learning and Teaching Innovation grant of £3500. Constructing meaning. The use of discussion fora in the development of pain assessment constructs underpinning the clinical practice of student nurses (co author)

Development of a CD Rom for pre-registration child health students, incorporating eight child physiology distance learning workbooks.

CELT Blended Learning Bid. March 2006 Embedding a simulation infrastructure into skills acquisition training for undergraduate nursing students

Open Learning Foundation Scholarship to evaluate simulation infrastructure into the curriculum 2000 April 2006

Video production with five videos available via iTunes university portal

Planned & developed an online game simulation of a virtual paediatric ward that allows students to interact with a virtual febrile child & mother using real clinical notes and evidence based nursing interventions.

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