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MEng Automotive Engineering (Loughborough University)

MSc Renewable Energy Systems Technology (Loughborough University)

Ph.D. A microchannel sulphur tolerant steam reformer with integral multi-zone catalytic combustor (Loughborough University)


My research interests involve developing the use of Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIRS) for use as an online process monitoring and control system for bioprocesses. This involves the use of multivariate statistical techniques including principle component analysis and partial least squares regression to produce integrated monitoring systems for the bioprocess with a goal of optimising and providing flexibility of the process. An online monitoring and control system for anaerobic digestion would enable plants to be operated at higher feeding rates than currently and also provide the ability to adjust co-digestion feedstocks to minimise the chance of disturbances from occurring allowing greater plant operational flexibility. This includes the assessment of the dewaterability of sewage sludges, in particular the development of robust laboratory scale methods with applicability to industrial scale dewatering processes. I am also involved in work that aims to improve the performance of the use of lignocellulosic feedstocks for 2-stage bioH2/bioCH4 production through the assessment of different pretreatment regimes, particularly the use of combinations of enzymes to enhance hydrolysis of the substrates. Building on previous work, I am also interested in the upgrading of biogas to hydrogen via steam reforming with a focus on modelling of the fuel processing system to reduce the cost of development of this technology.


Course Leader – MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management
Module Leader – RE4S002: Renewable Energy I – Hydro, Tidal, Wave and Bioenergy
Module Leader – RE4S003: Renewable Energy II – Wind, Solar, and Geothermal
Module Leader – RE4T001: Dissertation: Renewable Energy and Resource Management
Module Leader – ES2S63: Sustainable Energy Resources
Module Leader – NG2S85: Renewable Science and Systems 2


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Esteves S., Oliveira I., Williams J., Hegarty F., Devlin D. and Reed J. (March 2014) Demonstrating Management Systems at Full-Scale Anaerobic Digestion Plants – Cardiff Waste Water Treatment Works (South Wales), IEE Biomethane Regions Project Report (Task 4.3).

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Sustainable Environment Research Centre
Energy and Environment Research Institute
European Network on Spectroscopy in Anaerobic Digestion


Currently engaged on the FLEXIS project under WP5: Hydrogen Energy Storage and WP6: Sustainable Production and Purification of Hydrogen Syngas, BioH2 and BioCH4

Past Funding:

Engaged on the A4B funded Knowledge Transfer Centre for Advanced Anaerobic Processes and Biogas Systems (KTC AAPBS) to develop and deploy FT-NIRS as a monitoring and control system for anaerobic digestion systems.
Engaged in the LCRI WEST project to develop training materials and courses in the area of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.

Current Research Students:

Supervisor for PhD Angela Oliveira ‘Optimisation of Anaerobic Digestion Plant Design and Operations for Improved Energy Production and Odour Management’ (Funded under the KESS II programme) (Started in 2016); (In collaboration with Bryn Compost Ltd.).
Supervisor for PhD Kleitos Panagi ‘The effect of gaseous sulphur-based impurities on the co-electrolysis of steam and carbon dioxide using solid oxide electrolysis cells’. (Started in 2016).

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