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PhD Sport Psychology (Bangor University)
MSc Sport Science (Loughborough University)
PGCE Physical Education (Cardiff Institute of Higher Education)
BA (Hons) Human Movement Studies (Cardiff Institute of Higher Education)


I worked at what is now Cardiff Metropolitan University from 1993 until 2005. After spending the next two years at Brunel University, I joined the sport psychology staff at the University of Glamorgan, until taking up my current post in April 2010. I completed my PhD in 2001 under the supervision of Professor Lew Hardy at Bangor University.


Research Unit Leader: Sports Performance and Coaching.
MSc Module Leader:
SR4S001 Developing Expertise
SR4D001 Research Methods
SR4T001 Research Project
Undergraduate Module Leader:
SR3S29 Developing Expertise and Psychological Factors in Competitive Sport.


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Evans, L, Jones, L., & Mullen, R. (2004). An imagery intervention during the competitive season with an elite rugby union player. The Sport Psychologist, 18, 252-271.


External Appointments
Chair of British Psychological Society, Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology (2013-2015)
Member of The Football Association Psychology Advisory Panel (2002 – present)

Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council.
Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society.
Member, Association of Applied Sport Psychology.


The Football Association Psychology Advisory Panel.
Coach educator specializing in sport psychology for The Football Association and the Football Association of Wales


Research Funding
£65000 Leverhulme Trust Award to examine the conscious processing hypothesis in sport. 2007-2010.
The overall aim of my research work has been to develop the knowledge base of the field of the psychology of elite performance by testing theories in a pragmatic way. Much of the research in the area of stress and performance has ignored the mechanisms through which anxiety affects sporting performance. My research has sought to examine this fundamental research question using an interdisciplinary approach. My work is also characterized by its predominantly experimental nature. In the psychology of elite performance, there has been a move away from conducting strong, internally valid experiments to more ecological field-based approaches. I believe that there is still a role for causal rather than correlational designs and this approach continues to form the basis of my approach to research.

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