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BSc, PhD


Professor of Cardiopulmonary Science



Five Recent Publications

Williams E Mark, Ricardo Colasanti, Kasope Wolff, Paul Thomas, and Ben Hope-Gill (2018). Classification of tidal breathing airflow profiles using statistical hierarchal cluster analysis in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Medical Sciences 6(3), 75.

Dunn Nyree, Jane H Davies, Michelle Fishbourne, Gina Dolan, and E Mark Williams (2018).
Measuring leg volume in Lymphoedema using optoelectronic volumetry and the sequential tape method. European Journal of Lymphology and Related Problems. 30, 78, 1-5.

Rosser-Stanford Bryn, Karianne Backx, Rachel Lord and Edgar Mark Williams (2019). Static and dynamic lung volumes in swimmers and their ventilatory response to maximal exercise. Lung, 197, 15-19.

Alexander Goodson, Madhav Kittur, Peter Evans, E Mark Williams (2019). Patient-specific, printed titanium implants in reconstruction of mandibular continuity defects: a systematic review of the evidence. Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 47, 968-976.

Roberts R, Hanna CL, Borley A, Nolan G, and EM Williams (2019). Epirubicin chemotherapy in women with breast cancer: alternating arms for intravenous administration to reduce chemical phlebitis. European Journal of Cancer Care. (Early View).

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