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BSc, PhD


Reader in Respiratory Science and Technology


Dr Williams is an experienced researcher in the area of life sciences and technology.


Five Recent Publications
Williams EM, T Powell, M Eriksen, P Neill and R Colasanti (2014). A pilot study quantifying the shape of tidal breathing waveforms using centroids in health and COPD. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 28, 68-74.

Jane H Davies, Joyce Kenkre, E Mark Williams (2014). Current utility of the ankle-brachial index (ABI) in general practice: implications its use in cardiovascular disease screening. BMC Family Practice 15, 69.

Nicole Pickerd, Edgar Mark Williams, William John Watkins and Sailesh Kotecha (2014). Tidal breathing in preterm infants receiving and weaning from continuous positive airway pressure. The Journal of Pediatrics 164, 1058-1063.

Szymanska E, E. Brodrick, M. Williams, A. Davies, HJ. van Manen, and L. Buydens (2015). Data size reduction strategy for the classification of breath and air samples using multi capillary column – ion mobility spectrometry (MCC-IMS) data. Analytical Chemistry 87, 867-875.

Brodrick E, A. Davies, P. Neill, L. Hanna and EM. Williams (2015). Breath Analysis: Translation into Clinical Practice. Journal of Breath Research, 9, 2, 027109.

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