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BCom, MPhil.


After receiving a degree in economics in 1972 from McGill University in his native Canada, David came to the UK to undertake postgraduate study at Edinburgh University. His interest in the economics of health began at Aberdeen University where he worked for 5 years as a Research Fellow at the Health Economics Research Unit. David is a longstanding and active member of the UK health economics community and has published widely on a variety of issue in health economics. He has been a member of numerous committees and working parties including the Royal College of Physicians Working Party on Preventive Medicine and the Department of Health Advisory Group on Genetics Research. He has acted as specialist adviser to World Health Organisation and to the House of Commons Select Committee on Welsh Affairs. He has also been a member of several research funding organisations including the Medical Research Council’s Health Service and Public Health Research Board and both the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Service Delivery and Organisation (SDO) national programmes. David is currently a member of the Scientific Committee of the National Prevention Research Initiative which is administered by MRC on behalf of 11 major UK funding bodies.


Co-vice Chair, Programme Board, NHS Service Delivery and Organisation National R&D Programme

Board member, NICE Collaborating Centre for Cancer

Member, Dept. of Health Advisory Group on Genetics Research

Member, Commissioning Panel, Medical Research Council (Health Services and Public Health Research Board), NIHR HTA National R&D Programme, NIHR SDO National R&D Programme, Wales Office for R&D in Health and Social Care.

Member, Scientific Committee, National Prevention Research Initiative


Director, Health Economics and Policy Research Unit, Faculty of Health, Sport and Science.

Director, Welsh Health Economics Support Service (NISCHR funded collaboration of health economics units at Glamorgan, Swansea and Bangor Universities.


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Health Economists Study Group, International Health Economics Association.


Member, Executive Team, Wales Gene Park

Member, Editorial Board, Health and Social Care in the Community

Member, All-Wales Medicines Strategy Group

External Examiner, University of York, Health Economics for Health Care Professionals, PG Dip and Cert by distance learning


National Assembly for Wales: Evaluation of Welsh Smoking Cessation Services

Torfaen Borough Council: Evaluation of Cymorth Fund (children�s services)


Health economics, economics of health promotion, economic evaluation of health care interventions and policies.

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