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Bridie has a background in Emergency Care with a specific interest in physical assessment skills.


Prior to commencing her role as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glamorgan Bridie worked as Clinical Nurse Manager of an Emergency Department.She worked both clinically and managerially in order to ensure an approrpaite service was delivered to approximately 65, 000 new patients a year.
Within her role as a Senior Lecturer she teaches emergency and critical care skills,physiology,physical assessment skills,legal and professional issues and has a particular interest in using simulation for both teaching and learning purposes.


Teaching and supervision of students across both pre-registration and post registration curricula.


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Faculty Quality Assurance Committee, HESAS and Health Board Joint Committee,Continous Professional Development Forum for Abertawe BroMorgannwg University Health Board and Eduaction and Training Forum for Cwm Taf Health Board.


External examiner for Teesside University and Cardiff University.


Research interests include medicines management, the use of social media to enhance learning and teaching and how simulation can facilitate learning.

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