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PhD, University of Reading
Bsc (Hons), University of Reading


Meiko Scientific 1990-1994
University of Reading, Scientific Officer, 1988-1990


Maintain the departmental GNU/Linux server and associated clients in J block.
Help maintain the Apple mac laboratory J109.
Module leader for Game Engine Design, Game Engine Optimisation and Game Tool Development.


G P C Mulley, “Performance Prediction of Real Time Systems Through Simulation” PhD Thesis, University of Reading, July 1989

G P C Mulley, R J Loader, “The Application of a Real Time Systems Simulation Design Tool To Protocol Engine Design” Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Communications Technology, pp240 – 250, The National Institute for Higher Education, Ireland, 21-23 September, 1988

R J Loader, G P C Mulley, “Performance Prediction of Network Protocol Engines With Simulation”, Tenth Annual Microcomputer Applications Workshop, University of Strathclyde Glasgow, 8 – 10 September, 1986

G P C Mulley, “Device Driver Workload Modelling Through an Abstract Machine”, 11th UK Performance Engineering Workshop for Computer and Telecommunication Systems, 5th – 6th September 1995

G P C Mulley, K Verheyden, “Enhancing a Modula-2 compiler to help students learn interactively within the Ceilidh system”. Knowledge Transfer 97, Pacific and Middle East Centre for Research. London N3 1DE

S F Lewis, G P C Mulley, “Experiences gained from producing a compiler to guide first year programming students”. CTI Computing, Dublin 1997

G P C Mulley, “Using Ismene to Debug and Predict the Performance of an Embedded System Device Driver”, International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science and Technology , Volume 5(3-4) , The United Kingdom Simulation Society, ISSN 1473-804x Online, ISSN 1473-8031 Print, September 2004

G P C Mulley, and W. Lemberg, “Extending GNU Troff to produce HTML through the technique of next event simulation”, International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science and Technology, Volume 6(7-8) , The United Kingdom Simulation Society, ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print, June 2005

Iain Sutherland, George E. Kalb, Andrew Blyth, Gaius Mulley, “An Empirical Examination of the Reverse Engineering Process for Binary Files”, Computers and Society, Volume (25), Elsevier Press, p221-228, 2005

G P C Mulley, “A report on the progress of GNU Modula-2 and its potential integration into GCC”, GCC Developers’ Summit , Ottawa Canada, June 28th-30th 2006

G P C Mulley, “The design of a free CSN API Model”, Proceedings of the European Modelling Symposium, UCL, Ed John Pollard, ISBN 0-9516509-3-9/978-0-9516509-3-6, September 2006.

G Mulley, “The Construction of a Predictive Collision 2D Game Engine”. Eurosim 2013, 8th Eurosim Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Cardiff Wales, UK. 19-13 September, 2013


Maintainer for the Modula-2 language support in GDB.
Maintainer for the Modula-2 front end to GCC on savannah.



GNU Modula-2
GNU Troff

Areas of Expertise

Compilers, Operating Systems, Modula-2, C, Python, C++, GNU/Linux.

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