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BSc (Hons), PhD


I joined the University of Glamorgan in June 2005 as a Senior Technician. I began my PhD part time in 2007 and loved the research process and environment. Since then, my role has changed and I was promoted to a Technical Demonstrator in 2011. In 2013, following the inclusion of my research into the REF, I was placed on a partial contract and split my time between lecturing and demonstrating until I joined the School of Applied Science as a Senior Lecturer in Human Physiology, lecturing across the Biology, Human Biology and Medical Science courses.

In my time at USW (and University of Glamorgan before it) I have worked with a number of outside groups, including providing physiological testing and support to the Welsh Rugby Union First 15 during the 2005 and 2008 grand slams.


University Activities:

Senior Lecturer in Human Physiology.
Course Leader BSc (Hons.) Medical Sciences

Teaching contribution to:

BI2S114 Clinical Physiology (module leader)
BI2S103 Applied Physiology (module leader)
BI1S103 Anatomy and Physiology
BI2S98 Cellular Pathology and Disease Processes
BI2S120 Clinical Practice (module leader)
BI1S11 Introduction to Clinical Practice (module leader)
BI0S100 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
BI0S06 Foundation Biology (Module Leader)

SR3S14 Exercise Physiology III (contribution to cardiac physiology and ECG interpretation)


Selected Publications and Abstracts

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Physiological Society
British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Welsh Institute of Sport, Health and Exercise Science


I was a consultant with Richard Parks’ 737 Challenge. A successful world record attempt and pioneering 7 month race to climb the highest mountain on each of the world’s continents and venture to The South and Geographical North Poles.

I have worked with Welsh Rugby Union as part of the Physiological Testing Team to the 1st 15 from 2005-2008, during which period we won 2 Grand Slams.

I’ve also worked with Simbec Medical Research as part of a collaborative study for the Ministry Of Defence.


My principal research interests focus on the blood haemostatic system and its interaction with vascular disease.

Broadly, my research interests can be categorised as follows:

  • the causes and consequences of changes coagulation seen in hypoxia/hypoxaemia
  • investigating the possible “up-stream” trigger of these changes
  • furthering research into the interaction of oxidation/reduction state and coagulation
  • furthering quality control practices involved in the sampling of blood for haemostatic testing

My current research includes studies investigating the following:

  • The role of oxidative stress in the pathopysiology of haemostasis
  • The influence of plasma volume correction on the interpretation of blood-borne biomarkers of haemostasis
  • The effect of different blood sampling devices and protocols on the interpretation of blood-borne biomarkers of haemostasis.



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