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Research interests:

Film Production / Software for Traditional Animation

Current research activity:

MA Creative Education

Selected publications:

The Art of Glamorgan Animation
Brave New World Productions – A Child’s Christmas in Wales (Bafta Winner)
Numerous Productions for a number of Animation Companies, producing feature and children’s TV animation


27 years in the Animation Industry;
Experienced in a wide range of animation and film techniques including;
*development and implementation of animated film from script to screen
*broad range of environments including studio based feature films, children’s TV series
*full knowledge of the practices of professional production and project development into promotional and
distributive issues related to commercial animation


The Art of Glamorgan Animation

Animated Features:
*Warner Bros ‘Quest for Camelot’
*Cosgrove Hall ‘Peter and the Wolf’, Director Chuck Jones Emmy Winner
*Illuminated Films ‘Christmas Carol’

Numerous Children’s Series work over 20 years


Creative Skill set

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