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BSc (Hons) Biochemistry & Physiology (Reading)
PhD Cell and Developmental Biology (Cardiff)


Elaine joined the University as a Research Administrator in CELT assisting with the Education submission to RAE 2008. Prior to this Elaine worked for ten years as a researcher in the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University.


1994-2000 – Research Assistant, Cardiff University (Connective Tissue Biology Laboratories)
2000-2004 – Post-doctoral Research Associate, Cardiff University (Connective Tissue Biology Lab)
2007-2010 – Research Officer, CELT, University of Glamorgan


Elaine’s principle responsibilities include providing expert advice, guidance and support to all those involved with postgraduate students on the University processes, procedures and regulations applicable to postgraduate researchers and their study. Elaine provides secretarial support to the University Research Committee and the University Research Programmes Sub Group. Elaine also liases with external organisations such as HESA and funders of research to provide them with the data they may require regarding postgraduate research students. Elaine’s previous responsibilities included managing the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education and providing support for Education Research.


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1994-2000 – British Society for Cell Biology and British Society for Matrix Biology
2008-2009 – Association Of University Administrators

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