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PhD English language teacher education
MA Education / Applied Linguistics
Diploma in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language to Adults – Trinity College, London
Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults – University of Wales, Swansea
BA (Hons) Business Administration – University of Huddersfield


Mike Chick has been at the University of South Wales since 2004. He has designed and organised the pre-sessional and in-sessional language modules that are offered to students who speak English as a second language, and is the award leader for the BA minor in TESOL. At present he is focussed on pre-service teacher education and he organises and oversees the ESOL collaborative project between the University and the Welsh Refugee Council. Since 217, he has been researching language education issues surrounding resettled Syrian families in Wales. He also advises Rhondda Cynon Taf local authority on ESOL provision for resettled Syrian families.


Over the last nineteen years, Mike has worked as a teacher / teacher trainer in Estonia, Spain, South Korea, Greece and the UK. He has taught in both the state and private sector and delivered courses to a wide range of English language students including Estonian business executives, Spanish customs agents, Italian commandos and Korean state school teachers. In 2010 he co-designed the BA TESOL minor award which has enabled graduates to find employment as English language teachers in over a dozen countries across the globe. Since 2011 he has been award leader for the BA TESOL.He was awarded his doctorate in English language teacher education in 2015.


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Committee member IATEFL ESOL Special Interest Group
Member of IATEFL – International Association of Teachers of English as a Second Language
Member of LEW – Learn English in Wales association of Welsh ELT Institutions


2015 – 2019 External examiner for MA TESOL delivered at the University of Hertfordshire
2009 – 2012 External examiner for International Foundation Programme, Wales International Study
Centre, Newport
2009 – 2013 External examiner for CELTA courses delivered at Swansea University
2008 – External expert at Audit of English Language Training Services based in Swansea University
2011-2014 External examiner for BA TESOL at University of Wolverhampton


Invited Talks
(2019) ‘The barriers to education and employment faced by migrants in Wales’
Invitation to present research findings to Welsh Refugee Council AGM, Cardiff. May 2019
(2016) Pre-service teacher education and learning opportunities. Presented at the University of Bath, May 2016
(2015) The potential of dialogic interaction as a tool for mediating learning during pre-service teacher education. Presented at the University of Leeds, June 2015


Recent Conference Presentations
(2019) Refugee access to employment and education in Wales: barriers and opportunities. Paper presented at Leslla annual conference, Pittsburgh, USA. (August 2019)
(2019) Making connections: Lessons from organising ESOL for a refugee resettlement programme
Paper presented at IATEFL Conference, Liverpool. April 2019

(2018) The Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme: What are the barriers to employment and education? Paper presented at WISERD annual conference. Wales July 2018
(2018) Teacher Education for Complex, Dynamic classroom.Paper presented at Language in Focus conference on Applied Linguistics. Thessaloniki, Greece. May 2018
(2017) The migrant crisis – what can centres of teacher education do to help?. Paper presented at English Scholars Beyond Borders conference at Leeds Beckett University. June 2017
(2017) The migrant crisis – what can centres of teacher education do to help?. Paper presented at IATEFL international conference at the Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow. April 2017

(2016) The migrant crisis and universities – what could be achieved?. Paper presented at Frameworks for Collaboration and Multilingualism Conference, University of Warwick. July 2016

(2016) Dialogic interaction and the mediation of pre-service teacher learning. Paper presented at the 50th annual international IATEFL conference, Birmingham, UK. April 2016

(2016) Pre-service teacher education and learning opportunities. The importance of dialogue and reflection. Paper presented at Language in Focus conference on Applied Linguistics. Cukurova University, Istanbul, Turkey. March 2016

(2015) The potential of dialogic interaction as a tool for mediating learning during pre-service teacher education. Paper presented at British Council Teacher Educator Conference, Hyderabad, India. March 2015

(2013) An alternative model of teacher education. Paper presented at TESOL Greece 34th annual International Convention, Athens, Greece. April 2016

(2011) Creating the conditions for writing. Paper presented at 45th annual international IATEFL conference, Brighton, UK. April 2011.

(2010) Talk, Feedback and Technology in EAP. Paper presented at the 2nd ESP/EAP Conference EAP innovations in tertiary settings, Kavala, Greece. May 2010.



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