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  • Masters in Interactive Research, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, 2001.
  • BA Visual Communication (Time Based Media), University of Central England, 1999.
  • BTEC Foundation in Art and Design, De Montfort University, 1996.


Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist. His work deals with networks (in their most open sense) within an artistic content; the spaces between artworks, artist and audience as a means, site and context for artistic initiation, creation and discourse. Garrett’s practice covers, installation, performance and writing.

Educated in England and in France at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Garrett is currently Senior Lecturer in New Media at Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries, Wales and has previously taught on new media courses in England at Canterbury Christ Church University, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and the University of Hertsfordshire.


Senior Lecturer in Digital Media on BA Digital Media, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Sessional lecturer on BA/BSc(Hons) Software Systems for the Arts and Media, University of Hertsfordshire.

Sessional Lecturer on BA Visual Communication, University of Central England.


Lynch, G., (2012). A Metaverse Art Residency: ‘Garrett Lynch Yoshikaze “Up-in-the-air” Second Life Residency’, Metaverse Creativity 2: 2, pp. 163-181. Bristol: Intellect Ltd Editorial.

Lynch, G., (2011). Garrett Lynch, Yoshikaze “Up-in-the-air” Second Life Residency. Umeå, Sweden: Yoshikaze.

Hendrickson, C., Iaconesi, S., Persico, O., Ruberti, F., Simeone, L., (2010) Trav—erse, REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory. Rome: Derive Approdi

CIII-Terminal (ed) (2008) Net Art: au-delà du navigateur un monde d’objets ( beyond the browser to a world of things), pp 91-100, Terminal, Technologie de L’information, culture & société (Terminal, Information Technology, Culture & Society); Net Art, Technologie ou Création? (Net Art, Technology or Creation). Paris: Editions L’Harmattan

ISEA (ed) (2005) Google and Art: A commercial / cultural new media economy?, ISEA, Inter – Society for the Electronic Arts newsletter #99 February – March.


External Examiner for BA Multimedia Design and BA Screen Cultures and Media Practices at the University of Hertfordshire, 2008 – 2012.

External Examiner for BA Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster, 2006 – 2009.


Consultant on the Visuosonic research project at Southampton Solent University (2010/2011).


Exhibitions / Performances:

Permutation & Combination, a joint exhibition at Arcadecardiff (2013).

Netscapes exhibited at:
1. Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Germany (2013).
2. Notes on a New Nature, 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, New York (2011).
Sandwich Board – Miniature Replicas exhibited as part of The Vending Machine, an installation of international artists at the 54th Venice Biennale (2011).

Miniture sculpture based on 3D model created in Second Life, Sandwich Board – Miniature Replicas, exhibited as part of The Vending Machine, an installation of international artists at the 54th Venice Biennale (2011).

Second Life performance work, The Green Stage, and sculpture based on 3D model created in Second Life, the Sandwich Board, exhibited/performed at The Wardrobe, Cardiff, as part of DecemberLab’s Being exhibition (2011).

Trav—erse performed at:
1. Furtherfield Gallery, London, as part of the REFF – Remix the world! Reinvent reality! Exhibition, 25/02/11.
2. Open Ear, Cardiff event, ATRiuM, Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries, Wales, 13/06/08.

Virtual 3D installation, There, Now, exhibited at Push in Second Life (2010).

There, Now exhibited at Push in Second Life (2010).

Video Network #1: Dialogues exhibited at Dialogues: A Fake Romance? at Elysium Artspace,
Swansea, Wales (2010).

I’m Garrett Lynch (IRL) performed at:
1. 44 Hours of Cornucopia Momentum by Bendix Freutel from the 28th – 30th May 2010 at Odyssey Art and Performance Simu in Second Life and simultaneously broadcast in Switzerland at the Kunst- Fenster Reigoldswil (Reigoldswil Art Window);
2. 2010 Odyssey Performance Art Festival the 31st July – 10th August 2010 at Odyssey Art and Performance Simu in Second Life.
And Screened at:
3. Global Container XII on the 26/08/10 at the Culture Factory Polymer, Ülase 16/Madara 22, Tallinn, Estonia.

Between Saying and Doing exhibited at:
1. “@”, Ars Virtua locations in RL (Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, California,
USA) and SL (Seventh Eye);
2. Globalscreen – Simulations at numerous locations from February 2009 until 2010;
3. Devenir-écran (Becoming Screen) Le Vigan, France and Videophile Festival, Brighton, England;
4. Liminality: The Space Between Worlds at Antena in Chicago, America and at I Am Columbia Island in Second Life, 2010.

Perpetual Portrait, exhibited at Web Biennial (2007), Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey (iS.CaM).

Carnet Dabord, a short film made in collaboration with Frédérique Santune exhibited at the festival Traverse Vidéo: L’état du Monde, Toulouse, France (2006).


01/12/2010 to the 31/01/2011, artist in residence at Humlabs, Yoshikaze Up in the Air Residency in Second Life.

Live Feed residency, part of DIY 3:2005, an initiative of the Live Art Advisory Network – Artsadmin, the Live Art Development Agency and New Work Network, England (2005).


Presentation of networked practice/research at the V&A (2013).

Lynch G., (2013). Remote Encounters: Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal ubiquity in networked performance, Organisation and chairing, Cardiff, Wales.

Lynch, G,. (2009). The Art of Networks and Networks as Art. Networks, 12th Annual Subtle Technologies Festival Toronto, Canada, (2009).


Open Ear, Cardiff, Sonic Arts event, ATRiuM, Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries (2008).

Open Ear, Cinema, Sonic Arts event, Canterbury Christ University (2008).

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