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Main Teaching Areas

Financial Management, work based learning, research methods


Extensive lecturing experience in private sector accounting training organisations and as a senior lecturer in two parts of the University of South Wales.


Brown, N. (2006) The development of a questionnaire assessing meta cognitive patterns of students majoring in Accounting in higher Education. Accounting Education: An International Journal, 15(3) pp301-323

Brown, N. (2005). Meta programmes for identifying thinking preferences and their impact on accounting students’ educational experience. Journal of Accounting Education, 23(4): pp232-247

Brown, N. (2004) What Makes a Good Educator? The Relevance of Meta Programmes. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 29(5), pp 515 – 33.

Brown, N. (2003). A Comparison of the Dominant Meta Programme Patterns in Accounting Undergraduate Students and Accounting Lecturers at a UK Business School. Accounting Education: An International Journal, 12(2), pp159 – 175

Brown, N. and Graff, M. (2004) Student performance in business and accounting subjects as measured by assessment results: an exploration of the relevance of personality traits, identified using meta programmes.’ The International Journal of Management Education. 4 (1), 3-18.

Brown, N. and Turnbull, J. (2000) Neuro-linguistic Programming and its relevance to effective communication.’ (2000). ACCA Students’ Newsletter, September 2000. pp. 4 – 9.




Research Interests

Accounting education; Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Winner of the 2003 British Accounting Association’s Special Interest Group On Accounting Education annual prize for the best paper published in volume 12 of Accounting Education: An International Journal.

Successful completion of PhD in May, 2007

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