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University of Sussex – D.Phil. – Computational Neuroscience
Keele University – M.Sc. – Machine Perception and Neurocomputing


Course leader for Computer Games Development (BScHons & MComp).
Module leader for and teaches on:
Advanced Real-Time Rendering (year 3)
Real-Time Computer Graphics (year 4)


PhD Supervision
Previously 2nd supervisor 3 PhD students who all completed successfully. Currently 1st supervisor and and 2nd supervisor for 2 PhD students expected to complete successfully within 2 and 1 years respectively.
Carl Has examined one PhD as an internal examiner.


Conference Abstracts
Miknis M, Plassmann P, Jones C.D.(2014) , Virtual environment stereo image capture using the Unreal Development Kit
Computer & Information Technology (GSCIT), 2014 Global Summit on Computer & Information Technoogy 1 – 5 DOI:10.1109/ GSCIT.2014.6970136, Publisher:IEEE
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Refereed journal papers
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Carl is currently working part time as a consultant to Photometrix Imaging where he provides expertise relating image processing and 3D computer graphics.
Prior to this Carl worked on a consultancy project for MasterPlace. The project required the development of a library for rendering 3D flow diagrams using managed DirectX.
He also completed an internal consultancy project for Engineering & Technology that involved developing a computer program for predicting load capacity of piles (Shih J.K.C et al 2007).
In addition completed several consultancy projects with Prof. E. F. Ring for The Mentholatum Company (Ring EFJ et al 2004) and played a significant role in a successful £50,000 DTI joint industrial project grant application, between the University of Glamorgan, The National Physical Laboratories (NPL) and Bath RNHRD Hospital Trust. The project was completed on time and is summarised in a news letter on the NPL website (


As a member of the Medical Imaging Research Unit he was involved in the development of reference database of Infrared images of normal subjects. The database was developed to assist clinicians in the diagnosis of various pathological conditions. The progress of this research has been published in refereed journals and I have presented the work to a wide variety of audiences at national and international conferences.
He is currently involved in the continued research and development of the Mavis project. Mavis is a 3D imaging system developed for the no contact measurement of chronic wounds. However the device has many other applications in medicine and industry.The non-invasive device is currently used for the 3D measurement of chronic wounds and in the cosmetics industry, Work on 3D registration and merging of 3D models will enable the Mavis system to be used effectively to generate content for Computer Games.
Carl has experience in both computational neuroscience and advanced computer graphics programming.
In September 2013 Dr Carl Jones and Dr Peter Plassmann were presented with the Saxby Award for achievement in the field of three-dimensional imaging by the Royal Photograpic Society.
Carl gained a solid understanding of neural network modelling from a taught MSc in Machine Perception and Neuro-computing at Keele University. Where he programmed genetic algorithms to optimize IIR filter coefficients to model the auditory filtering between the mammalian ear and the auditory nerve, based on established physiological data.
While researching a D.Phil. at Sussex University he used a combination of behavioural experiments and computational modelling to investigate the processing of colour vision in the domestic chick. The accuracy of colour memory suggested colour might be spatially coded rather than temporally coded in the chick brain. He used a self-organising map to show how spatial coding of colour might occur in a biological system. (Osorio et al 1999; Jones et al 2001) (Jones et al 2001; Baddeley et al 2002).

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