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Selected Recent Publications

L. Karen, A. Psarrou, V. Konstantinou, A. Licata, V. Kokla, “ Unsupervised classification for ancient manuscript analysis “. In: Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS’08), 19-20th March 2008, Hong-Kong. International Association of Engineers, pp. 348-353. ISBN 9789889867188 (Best Paper Award)

V. Kokla, A. Psarrou, V. Konstantinou, “Watercolour Identification Based on Machine Vision Analysis”, The 8th biennial conference of the Infrared and Raman Users Group, March 2008, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

V. Kokla, A. Psarrou, V. Konstantinou, “Computational models for pigment analysis”. Applied Physics, Materials Science & Processing, vol 90, issue 1. Special Issue in Special Issue “Synchrotron Radiation in Art and Archaeology”, Springer-Verlag, November 2007 DOI 10.1007/s00339-007-4236-x.

V. Kokla, A. Psarrou, V. Konstantinou, Vassilis “Ink discrimination based on co-occurrence analysis of visible and infrared images”. In: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, 23-26 Sept. 2007 (ICDAR 2007). IEEE, Los Alamitos, USA, pp. 1148-1152. ISBN 9780769528229

V. Kokla, A.Psarrou and V. Konstantinou “Ink recognition based on statistical classification methods”. 2nd IEEE Conference on Digital Image Analysis for Libraries, DIAL06, April 2006, France.

V. Kokla, A.Psarrou and V. Konstantinou “Probability analysis in art conservation”. 1st International Conference on computer vision theory and applications, Setubal, Portugal, VISSAP’06 25-28 February 2006, pp. 508-514, no1, ISBN 972-8865-40-6.

V. Kokla, A. Psarrou, V. Konstantinou: “Probabilistic image-based characterization of manuscript inks”. Proc. In “Optical Methods for Arts and Archaeology,” SPIE Optical Metrology Symposium, June 2005, Munich pp 585712-1 to p585712-12, ISBN 0-8194-5857-0.

X. Ren, L.S. Xanthis, V. Konstantinou “An effective wavelet method of arbitrary lines for problems with boundary and interior layer”, BAIL 2004, An International Conference on Boundary and Interior Layer –Computational & Asymptotic Methods- 5-9 July 2004, Toulouse France.

V. Konstantinou, V. Getov “Global Education: Case Studies in International Higher Education Collaboration” Second International Conference “Challenges in Higher Education and Research in the 21st Century” June 2-5 2004, Sozopol, Bulgaria

V. Konstantinou, A. Angelopoulou “Delivering Distance Learning Material via Interactive Television: A Dynamic Content-based Interface”. 21st ICDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education, February 2004, Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

A. Bacopoulos, V. Konstantinou, X. Ren, L.S. Xanthis “A novel adaptive wavelet-based approach for a class of singularly perturbed PDE’s" HERMIS International Journal for Computer Mathematics and it Applications, VOL 5, 2004 (ISSN: 1108-7609)

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