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PhD, MSc, PGCertHE, BEng


I have a PhD degree in computer networks. I am an enthusiastic professional academic who is equally comfortable in research and lecturing. I can teach students in an academic setting, and provide training to professionals from the commercial sector. I have innovative and self-initiative problem-solving skills.

I have 6 years of research experience on communication systems and signals, specialized in wireless sensor network modelling, simulation and analysis.
Cypher security and machine learning is one of my main research interests.
I have strong programming skills using C++ and I am OPnet and QualNet expert; I use both systems intensively for network modelling, process modelling, link modelling, simulation and analysis.

Specialities: Network solutions, OPNET, MATLAB, Cisco suite, C/C++, cooja, Objective C. visual basic, contiki system, artificial intelligence algorithms, xbee, Arduino, microcontrollers, machine learning algorithms.


Modelling and Evaluating the Performance of A Highly Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks routing protocols,
Novel Ant Colony Optimized Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Network ANTMANET: A Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad-hoc Routing Protocols on Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring
A Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Protocols Enabling High Mobility with a Focus on Swarm Intelligence




Internet of things
Machine learning
computer networks



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