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MA in Political Science, Haifa University, Israel (MA Thesis Subject: "Barriers to the Advancement of the Oslo Peace Process “1993-2001”- under the supervision of Professor Gabriel Ben-Dor and Doctor Dan Scheuftan).
MBA in Business Administration, the Open University, Israel.
BA in Political Science and Philosophy, Haifa University, Israel.


Ori Wertman is a PhD candidate and a research assistant at the University of South Wales, and he joined the department in September 2019. Ori holds MA in Political Science from University of Haifa, MBA from the Israeli Open University, and BA in Political Science and Philosophy from University of Haifa. On his PhD thesis under the supervision of Professor Christian Kaunert, Ori explores the security and securitization in Israel . His main field of interest are the Arab Israeli conflict, security studies, counter terrorism, securitization theory, Israeli politics, and international politics.


Ori was a foreign affairs and political adviser to former Israeli Labour Party chairman Isaac Herzog, was a deputy chairman of the Israeli Labour Party Youth, and was a candidate on the Labour’s Knesset (Israeli Parliament) list.


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(2019) “Will Netanyahu form a Government after Elections”, Jerusalem Post.
(2019) “Labor- Has the Party ended”, Jerusalem Post.

Areas of Expertise

Arab Israeli conflict, security studies, counter terrorism, securitization theory, Israeli politics, and international politics.

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