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MA, MLitt, PhD


Chris has research interests in modern British and late imperial history, with a focus on histories of activism, internationalism, mass media and social movements. His first book, Peace and Power in Cold War Britain, examines relations between radical traditions of liberty and media technologies, particularly as they played out through post-war peace movements and the rise of television. Chris is currently pursuing a project on what Kwame Nkrumah called ‘the new nuclear imperialism’ – the furtherance of British and French nuclear programmes through colonial connections and resources.



Peace and Power in Cold War Britain: Media, Movements and Democracy, c.1945-68 (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018)


Nations of Peace: Nuclear Disarmament and the Making of National Identity in Scotland and Wales, Twentieth Century British History 27, 1 (2016), 26-50.
Britain, West Africa and ‘The New Nuclear Imperialism’: Decolonisation and Development during French Tests, Contemporary British History 33, 1 (2019), 274-289.
The Activist as Geographer: Nonviolent Direct Action in Cold War Germany and Postcolonial Ghana, 1957-1960, Journal of Historical Geography 64 (2019), 34-64.

Chapter Contributions

Media and Democracy in Labour History: Re-assessing the Defence Debate of 1960, in Anne Baldwin et al, Class, Culture and Community: New Perspectives in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century British Labour History (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2012).
Nuclear Ethnography in Desert Dusts: Odette du Puigaudeau and French Nuclear Tests in the Sahara, 1960-1966, in Becky Alexis-Martin and Stephanie Malin (eds), Nuclear Ethnographies (Manchester: Manchester University Press, forthcoming).


Fellow of the Royal Historical Society



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