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Ian is one of the country’s leading strength and conditioning practitioners. He is an accredited member of the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), and is a Board member of the organisation – a position he has held since the organisation’s inception. He is also an assessor and tutor trainer with the organisation, delivering the Association’s coach education programme. Ian is currently the editor of Professional Strength and Conditioning, the UKSCA’s Professional Journal, and on the review board of the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning. Ian is also on the British Olympic Associations Register of Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

With the National Strength and Conditioning Association, (NSCA) in the USA, Ian is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) recertified with Distinction; a Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) recertified with Distinction and a Coach Practitioner. Ian was one of the first sixteen coaches worldwide to be awarded the Coach Practitioner distinction.

Ian has authored three books on aspects of strength and conditioning and has also contributed three book chapters to high profile strength and conditioning texts including the Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning (3rd Edition). He has also contributed numerous papers to the leading strength and conditioning peer reviewed journals. He has presented worldwide on numerous aspects of strength and conditioning including the NSCA’s National, European and Sport Specific Conferences and the Australian Strength and Conditoning Association Conference.

In 2006 Ian was voted the NSCA’s High School Professional of the Year, the only time the award has been given to a coach outside the United States. In 2009, Ian was made a fellow of the NSCA.

He currently directs the Elite Athlete development programme for Powys and was the National Conditioning coach for the Welsh Schools Rugby team for six years. Ian has worked with a number of top athletes and teams around the world.


Award leader BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Module Leader|Strength & Conditioning| The Anatomy & Physiology of Strength & Conditioning| MSc Strength and Conditoning



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  • United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (Accredited Member)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • American College of Sports Medicine.


Ian’s research interests include speed, power & movement development in sport and long term athlete development.

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