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Mian Hammad Nazir known as Hammad


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PhD Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (Jan 2013 – Jan 2016, Bournemouth University UK)
MSc Mechatronics Engineering (Aug 2009 – June 2011, Jonkoping University Sweden)
BSc Mechatronics Engineering (Aug 2004 – Aug 2008, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila Pakistan)


Dr Hammad is currently working on EU-backed low-carbon energy storage initiative (ERDF) funded project (Smart Energy Storage Solutions, SESS). The project is a part of Centre for Automotive and Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE) in Faculty of Engineering and Computing in University of South Wales.

Previously Dr Hammad worked as Post Doc in Bournemouth University UK for 3 years in the area of Tribology and Fatigue after his finishing PhD entitled “in-situ corrosion health monitoring and prediction in military vehicles” from Bournemouth. He has got 10 years of extensive experience in both R&D Industry and Higher Education.


Research Fellow, University of South Wales UK
09/2018 – Present

Research Fellow, Bournemouth University, UK
01/2016 – 08/2018

Research Assistant, Bournemouth University UK
12/2012- 01/2016

Lecturer, Faculty of Design & Engineering, COMSATS University (CU), Pakistan

Design and Development Engineer, ABB Group – Automation and Power, Technologies, Sweden
10/2009 – 06/2011

Government Research Laboratory Pakistan (Strategic), Pakistan
09/2007 – 06/2009

Trainee Engineer (UG Placement), KSOFT Pakistan
02/2007 – 03/2008



1. Experimental analysis and modelling for reciprocating wear behaviour of nanocomposite coatings
MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed, V Bakolas, W Braun, R Bajwa Wear 416, 89-102 2018

2. Electrochemical corrosion failure analysis of large complex engineering structures by using micro-LPR sensors
MH Nazir, A Saeed, ZA Khan. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 268, 232-244 2018

3. Condition monitoring and predictive modelling of coating delamination applied to remote stationary and mobile assets J Latif, ZA Khan, MH Nazir, K Stokes, J Plummer. Structural Health Monitoring, 1475921718773524 2018

4. Synergistic wear-corrosion analysis and modelling of nanocomposite coatings
MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed, A Siddaiah, PL Menezes. Tribology International 121, 30-44 3 2018

5. Experimental analysis and modelling of c-crack propagation in silicon nitride ball bearing element under rolling contact fatigue. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed. Tribology International. Volume 126, October 2018, Pages 386-401

6. Life assessment prognostic modelling for multi-layered coating systems using a multidisciplinary approach
J Latif, ZA Khan, MH Nazir, K Stokes, J Plummer. Materials Science and Technology 34 (6), 664-678 4 2018

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8. A Novel Non-Destructive Sensing Technology for On-Site Corrosion Failure Evaluation of Coatings
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9. Analyzing and modelling the corrosion behavior of Ni/Al2O3, Ni/SiC, Ni/ZrO2 and Ni/Graphene nanocomposite coatings. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed, V Bakolas, W Braun, R Bajwa, S Rafique. Materials 10 (11), 1225 3 2017

10. Sensor based corrosion condition monitoring of coating substrate system informed by fracture mechanics, electrochemistry and heat transfer concepts. ZA Khan, J Latif, MH Nazir, K Stokes, J Plummer
Bournemouth University, Fern Barrow, Poole, Dorset, BH12 5BB, UK 1 2017

11. A comprehensive predictive corrosion model incorporating varying environmental gas pollutants applied to wider steel applications. MH Nazir, A Saeed, Z Khan. Materials Chemistry and Physics 193, 19-34 11 2017
A review of friction models in interacting joints for durability design
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12. A review of theoretical analysis techniques for cracking and corrosive degradation of film-substrate systems
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13. Research impact of conserving large military vehicles through a sustainable methodology
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14. Analysing the coupled effects of compressive and diffusion induced stresses on the nucleation and propagation of circular coating blisters in the presence of micro-cracks. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, K Stokes
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15. Wear and friction properties of electrodeposited Ni-based coatings subject to nano-enhanced lubricant and composite coating. R Bajwa, Z Khan, H Nazir, V Chacko, A Saeed. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) 29 (10), 902-910 16 2016

16. Optimal enhanced dynamic framed slotted Aloha OEDFSA. S Arshad, MH Nazir, SM Anwar, A Shahzadi, Z Anwar Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH), 2016 Sixth International … 2016

17. Time dependent surface corrosion analysis and modelling of automotive steel under a simplistic model of variations in environmental parameters. A Saeed, ZA Khan, MH Nazir. Materials Chemistry and Physics 178, 65-73 17 2016

18. In-situ corrosion health monitoring and prediction in miltary vehicles. M.H Nazir. Bournemouth University 2016

19. A model for cathodic blister growth in coating degradation using mesomechanics approach. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed, K Stokes. Materials and Corrosion 67 (5), 495-503 20 2016

20. A predictive model for life assessment of automotive exhaust mufflers subject to internal corrosion failure due to exhaust gas condensation. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed, K Stokes. Engineering Failure Analysis 63, 43-60 23 2016

21. Maximising the interfacial toughness of thin coatings and substrate through optimisation of defined parameters
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22. An optimised approach of protecting and sustaining large vehicle system. A Saeed, ZA Khan, MH Nazir
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23. Modeling the effect of residual and diffusion-induced stresses on corrosion at the interface of coating and substrate. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed, K Stokes .Corrosion 72 (4), 500-517 22 2015

24. A holistic mathematical modelling and simulation for cathodic delamination mechanism–a novel and an efficient approach. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, K Stokes. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 29 (22), 2475-2513 27 2015

25. Optimisation of interface roughness and coating thickness to maximise coating–substrate adhesion–a failure prediction and reliability assessment modelling. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, K Stokes
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26. Fabrication and characterisation of electrodeposited and magnertron-sputtered thin films
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30. The implications of wet and dry turning on the surface quality of EN8 steel. ZA Khan, M Grover, MH Nazir
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30. Dynamic frame sizing with grouping slotted aloha for UHF RFID networks. S Arshad, SM Anwar, MH Nazir, S Khan. International Journal of Computer Applications 62 (18), 28-33 2 2013

31. Dynamic Grouping Frame-Slotted Aloha. MH Nazir, N Shariff. International Journal of Computer Applications 37 (4), 1-5 2012

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34. Anti-collision algorithms and performance analysis for UHF passive RFID networks: IEEE Publication Titile (Optimal Dynamic Frame-Slotted Aloha). MH Nazir. 2011

35. Condition Monitoring and Predictive Modelling of Coating Delamination within Remote and Stationary Assets. J Latif, ZA Khan, MH Nazir, K Stokes, J Plummer

36. A Novel Non-Destructive Sensing Technology for On-Site Field Electrochemical Impedance Testing of Coatings. MH Nazir, ZA Khan, A Saeed


1. Associate Fellow HEA – Registered number: PR141041
2. Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Associate Member – Registered number AMIMechE 62893
3. Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Associate Member – Registered number IET/215AM
4. Institute of Corrosion (iCorr) (2014) – Registered number- iCorr/PGS – 2895
5. Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), Member (2013) – Registered number SR -45983
o Secretary, Surface Engineering (2016-till)
o Paper Solicitation chair-PSC, Surface Engineering (2015)
o Vice paper solicitation chair-VPSC, Surface Engineering (2014)

Areas of Expertise

He has expertise in:
1. Research and Knowledge Exchange, REF 2021, Impact case studies
2. Nanomaterials, Fatigue, Fracture, Corrosion, Coatings, Tribology
3. Reliability, Performance Modelling & Simulation
4. Chemical and Mechanical Online micro-Sensors development – Structural Health Monitoring
5. Battery systems.

His skills include:
Modelling; ABAQUS; ANSYS; COMSOL; C++; Solid works; SEM, XRD; XRF; EDS; TEM; AFM; Rheometry; 3D interferometry; nano indentation; Lubrication; Friction; Wear; Graphene; Nano-Additives; Nano-Particles; Corrosion & Wear Monitoring μ-Sensors; Batteries.


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