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BA (Hons) First Class Multidisciplinary Design, Staffordshire University, 1994


A devotee of the cross-disciplinary approach, Richard considers conceptual thinking to be the significant common denominator between different art-forms and sub-disciplines, and therefore commonly interchangeable and transferable. Whilst at the same time celebrating the unique, distinct qualities of each of these various activities, he sees them as holistic components that are capable of coming together freely. They are embodied and contextualised in the creative individual. He believes in a consciously pluralist approach to creative education.

Richard graduated with a BA (Hons) in Multi-Disciplinary Design from Staffordshire University 1994.

In professional practice Richard uses a variety of media: paint-based, photography, electronic/experimental music, public art, video, printmaking, small scale sculpture.


In addition to the University of South Wales he has taught in the School of Visual Communication, Birmingham City University, at BA and MA levels, in the School of Theoretical and Historical Studies, University of Brighton, and in the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy. He also taught English as a Foreign Language in Italy at primary and secondary school level, to Erasmus staff of the IUAV university, Venice, to staff of ENEL, the Italian energy company and the Italian Army, Mestre, Venice barracks.

He is also currently External Examiner for BA Illustration at University of Hertfordshire, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

Having lived and taught in Spain & Italy, he has accrued experience of cross-cultural issues and the acquisition of languages. Communication and the cognitive processes inherent in language formation became a source of great interest.

He has also, 2016/17, undertaken Erasmus staff mobility teaching within Hochschule, Dusseldorf, Germany, and Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Module leader for USW course BA Critical Research in Photography



It Could Be, Sonda Editores, 2002 (photographic narrative)

Uproar, Sonda Editores, 2003 (photographic narrative)

Interruptions, Sonda Editores, 2008 (photographic narrative)

I Am Still Asleep, Sonda Editores / Graphic Arts Facility Birmingham City University, 2015 (paint-based interpretation of the novel

Pincher Martin, William Golding (1956)


A Year in the Life of Flattened Cans, Waterloo Tea, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff 2019 (paint based and mixed media)

Tenerife Paper Chase, Birmingham City University 2017 (paint-based and drawing research)

Cut Down to Size, the Mystery Only Deepens, Birmingham City University 2017 (paint-based media and geological specimens)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Birmingham City University 2016 (mixed-media, geological specimens/objects, and original C17 Piranesi

monographs, in collaboration with BCU Library Archive)

Slow Wet Tar, Birmingham City University 2016 (paint-based, digital print and photography)

A Space Between Utopia and the Place We Know, Birmingham City University 2015 (screen-print)

The Architecture of Sleep, Birmingham City University, 2013 (screen-print)

Animal Kingdom/Human Dominion, Birmingham City university, 2012


Fellow of the Higher Education Authority


External Examiner BA Illustration, University of Hertfordshire


Having an interest in the confluence of science and art, and art and other Humanities, he is currently working on an extended personal research and practice project exploring facets of the South Wales coast (both natural and intervened/industrial), with particular interest toward Palaeontology and Geology, and how these might be interpreted creatively, whilst also retaining their rational scientific values and respective taxonomies. He also has an abiding interest in the relationship between text and image.

In professional practice Richard uses a variety of media: paint-based, photography, electronic/experimental music, public art, video, printmaking, small scale sculpture.

Areas of Expertise

Richard is accomplished in the print-making processes, screen-print, lino-cut and photopolymer. He has a City and Guilds pass in elementary silversmithing. In addition he has skills within photography, painting, graphic design, experimental and electronic music.

He is very experienced in the supervision of BA dissertation, and studio practise teaching at MA level Visual Communication.

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