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2010 Postgraduate Certificate in Education
2005 PhD in Nursing
2001 MSc in Health Sciences
1997 Higher diploma in English
1993 Higher diploma in Preventive Medicine
1983 Diploma in Nursing


Juping Yu has extensive clinical experience in China before she moved to Britain in 2000. She completed her doctoral research at the University of Stirling, which examined social and cultural influences on the attitudes towards sexual behaviour held by British-born Chinese teenagers in Scotland. Juping joined the Genomics Policy Unit, University of Glamorgan in 2005. Her current work centres around two main themes: compassionate patient care; health and wellbeing across the lifespan.


  • Developing and contributing to high quality proposals for external research funding
  • Undertaking literature reviews and research
  • Writing papers for publication
  • Developing and maintaining strong networks with other researchers at national and international levels
  • Undertaking some teaching and post-graduate supervision


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Research Interests

  • Compassion, empathy and dignity in patient care
  • Cultural diversity and equality
  • Genetic healthcare
  • Antenatal screening
  • Qualitative research methods

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