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MSc. Thermal Power (Cranfield University) Maintenance and Testing of Aviation and Space Equipment (MSTUCA Russia)


Joshua is a lecturer based in USW`s Dubai campus. He has recently been working in Kenya at the Technical University of Kenya in the department of Aerospace and Aviation Engineering.

In Dubai, he will be responsible for lecturing students in the areas of Aerospace Propulsion, Thermo-Fluids and Aircraft Systems areas. Bringing a wealth of experience from developing a similar program in Kenya, he will be a valuable team player among other members of staff. His passion is to help transform students into industry leading Engineering graduates ready to tackle technical challenges. This will happen through supporting students academically, mentorship and ensuring the best experience through the highest quality of service. Exposing students to the latest industry practise and technology will be key in Joshua’s agenda. Exposure will be through frequent visits and participation with the regions airlines and other expert training organisations.

“Being part of the team of launching USW-Dubai South is fascinating just as it is challenging, We have an opportunity of developing the best program in Aerospace Engineering with a great team and the latest technology. I view it as an opportunity to make great history for USW!” – Joshua

His main interests are in Aerospace Propulsion, Thermodynamics, Gas Turbine Technology and Aircraft Systems with over 8 years experience lecturing the same at undergraduate level.


Internship at the JKIA airport in Nairobi working with East African Safari Air Express as a technician. His duties involved Carrying out checks on aircraft while on transit and working with the team to ensure all flights depart on time.
Lecturing the Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering (B.Eng.) and the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering ( the Technical University of Kenya (TU-K)
Involved with the development of the syllabi for the B.Eng and programmes.
Supervised various students projects succesfuly in the areas of Jet engine Design, Aircraft Environmental Systems and UAV design.


The Lecturer is responsible for the delivery of teaching at the USW Dubai branch campus. The Lecturer will be responsible for providing high quality teaching and an excellent student experience.

Principal Responsibilities and Duties:
Deliver teaching on a weekly basis through an extended academic year.
Contribute to the development of the curriculum within the subject area and to contribute to the maintenance and development of existing modules and awards and develop own teaching materials, methods and approaches;
Enhancement of existing schemes/courses, and develop new areas, including new modules or courses as appropriate;
Utilise effective assessment instruments and ensure adequate, detailed feedback to students is provided
Engage with quality assessments, e.g. Subject review, module evaluation, leading such processes in areas where there is personal leadership responsibility;
Supervise the work of students in areas such as projects, fieldwork and placements.
Participation in professional duties such as Induction activities, Open Days and other recruitment activities as appropriate.


“Design of an Integrated Jet Engine Fault Diagnostics Method” Joshua Muli Kitetu (2017) Utafiti Foundation. ISBN 978-9966-26-120-5


Royal Aeronautical Society (eAssociate)


Currently doing research on “Adapting the magnetocaloric effect for passenger jet engine aircraft”
Jet Engine diagnostics methodologies (Advanced Gas Path Analysis, Jet engine vibrational analysis)

Areas of Expertise

Aerospace Propulsion
Gas Turbine Technology

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