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MSc., Ph.D.


< 2019 >
▷ Marley CJ, Brugniaux JV, Davis D, Calverley TA, Owens TS, Stacey BS, Tsukamoto H, Ogoh S, Ainslie PN, Bailey DM. Long-term exercise confers equivalent neuroprotection in females despite lower cardiorespiratory fitness. Neuroscience. In press.
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< 2018 >
▷ Tanaka D, Tsukamoto H (Co-first author), Suga T, Takenaka S, Hamaoka T, Hashimoto T, Isaka T. Self-selected music-induced reduction of perceived exertion during moderate-intensity exercise does not interfere with post-exercise improvements in inhibitory control. Physiol Behav. Vol.194, pp.170-176.
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▷ Tsukamoto H, Suga T, Ishibashi A, Takenaka S, Tanaka D, Hirano Y, Hamaoka T, Goto K, Ebi K, Isaka T, Hashimoto T. Flavanol-rich cocoa consumption enhances exercise-induced executive function improvements in humans. Nutrition. Vol.46, pp.90-96.
< 2017 >
▷ Tsukamoto H, Suga T, Takenaka S, Takeuchi T, Tanaka D, Hamaoka T, Hashimoto T, Isaka T. An acute bout of localized resistance exercise can rapidly improve inhibitory control. PLoS One. Vol.12(9), e0184075.
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< 2016 >
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▷ Tsukamoto H, Suga T, Takenaka S, Tanaka D, Takeuchi T, Hamaoka T, Isaka T, Hashimoto T. Greater impact of acute high-intensity interval exercise on post-exercise executive function compared to moderate-intensity continuous exercise. Physiol Behav. Vol.155, pp.224-230.
< 2015 >
▷ Oishi Y, Tsukamoto H, Yokokawa T, Hirotsu K, Shimazu M, Uchida K, Tomi H, Higashida K, Iwanaka N, Hashimoto T. Mixed lactate and caffeine compound increases satellite cell activity and anabolic signals for muscle hypertrophy. J Appl Physiol. Vol.118(6), pp.742-749.
< 2014 >
▷ Tsukamoto H, Hashimoto T, Hirasawa A, Hasegawa H, Ogoh S. Effect of hyperventilation-induced decrease in cerebral blood flow on cognitive function in healthy students. Jpn J Physiol Anthropol. Vol.19(4), pp.225-232.
▷ Ogoh S, Tsukamoto H, Hirasawa A, Hasegawa H, Hirose N, Hashimoto T. The effect of changes in cerebral blood flow on cognitive function during exercise. Physiol Rep. Vol.2(9), e12163.


▷ American College of Sports Medicine
▷ European College of Sport Science
▷ The Physiological Society
▷ Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
▷ Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences
▷ Japan Sports Nutrition Association


Exercise physiology, Cerebral energy metabolism, Cerebral circulation, Cognitive function, Nutrition

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