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PhD in Intelligence Studies & IR, University of Dundee, UK (September 2013 – June 2017);
MLitt in International Politics and Security, University of Dundee, UK (September 2012 – August 2013);
BA in Politics, National University of Uzbekistan (September 1997 – June 2001).


Dr Ikrom Yakubov is a Lecturer (research oriented) in Intelligence, Counter-terrorism & Security Studies at the University of South Wales. His research interests overlap between Intelligence, International Relations, Terrorism & Counterterrorism, Security Studies and Policing. In his PhD dissertation, Ikrom researched the role of Intelligence (CIA & SIS-MI6) in securitisation processes.


1). Research Assistant in Policing & Security (focusing on Intelligence Analysis; Terrorism & Counter-terrorism) (April 2018 – September 2018);
2). Teacher in Comparative Politics in Globalising World Module at the Edinburgh University (January 2018 – May 2018);
3). Tutor in International Relations (Security, Terrorism/counterterrorism, Intelligence), Comparative Politics and Globalisation Modules at the University of Dundee (September 2013 – May 2017).


Supervising both undergraduate & postgraduate students, conducting research on Security, Terrorism & counter-terrorism, Intelligence & Policing. Moreover, delivering lectures & training the PhD students.


Book Chapter
(Forthcoming in 2019). “Radicalisation and De-Radicalisation: Unraveling the Conceptual Intricacy through a Case-Specific Approach” (with Christian Kaunert & L. Sarah), in Hansen, S. and S. Lid (eds), The Routledge Handbook of De-radicalisation, London: Routledge.

“Securitisation: Turning an Approach into a Framework for Research on EU Justice and Home Affairs,” in Routledge Handbook of Justice and Home Affairs Research (with Professor Christian Kaunert, November 30, 2017. Routledge International Handbooks: 978-1-138-18375-9).

Book Review
Revisiting Intelligence and Policy: Problems with Politicization and Receptivity edited by Stephen Marrin (Oxford and New York: Routledge, 2014). October 2014 in online peer reviewed Journal of International Relations Research.

A Short Study on the Role of Europol in Coping with Terrorism and Radicalisation 30/09/2017 (together with Professor Christian Kaunert & Professor Sarah Leonard)

In-depth Analysis on “EU Civil Protection Responding to CBRN Incidents and Attacks” in the context of the workshop on “Terrorism and CBRN threat” 03/05/2018 (together with Professor Christian Kaunert & Professor Sarah Leonard)




Intelligence (Intelligence-policy relations; Intelligence analysis; Surveillance & covert activities), Terrorism & Counter-terrorism.


Intelligence (Intelligence-policy relations; Intelligence analysis; Surveillance & covert activities), Terrorism & Counter-terrorism, International Relations & Security, Policing & Security.

Areas of Expertise

Intelligence-policy relations, Intelligence Analysis, Securitisation & Security Studies, Terrorism & counter-terrorism, International Relations.

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